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Car Scratch Repair Kit – How To Repair Scratches On Your Car

06.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If you have a scratch on your car, its a good idea to get a car scratch repair kit. Unfortunately, not every kit in the store that says scratch remover actually works. There are countless products that say they can get rid of scratches without much work, but if you don’t know what type of tools you need or which products actually do the job, your repair may actually make your car look worse. nnThere are certain things you need to know before buying any old car scratch repair kit you come across, like how to actually remove those scratches the right way. You can’t just put any scratch remover liquid on it, swirl it in, and wipe it off. There is more to the story even though that really is how you remove a scratch. Here is the right way to do it.nnFirst, you have to analyze the type of scratch you have. There are numerous layers of paint including primer, base coat, and clear coat. If you can see metal, there is no chance that a bottle of scratch remover from a car scratch repair kit is the only thing you will need to fix it. If you can’t see metal, this is a good thing and means you can fix it very easily without any sanding or touch up paint.nnNext, you have to actually get the right type of car scratch repair kit for the job. The $4 bottle of solvent will most likely not work as well a quality scratch remover. More on this later, so for now we will move on to the act of repairing the scratch.nnClean the area first to keep from scraping particles into your vehicle. Be sure to use a cotton cloth to work the scratch remover liquid into the scratched area of your car in order to prevent even more scrapes from forming. Apply the remover with a circular pattern over the scratch for a minimum of two minutes. nnFinally, wipe the area clean and you will now see the effects of the car scratch repair kit. If you were looking at your scratch now, it would look like you took a light sandpaper to that area. Guess what, you need to polish that area with a quality wax. You guessed it, you can’t just use the liquid and be done, this is a multiple step process.nnI suggest to use a turtle wax or a liquid spray wax, and more that too. But the most important part of polishing the area that looks dull from the scratch remover is to use a cloth that will not scratch your car. The only type of cloth you should use to apply the polish is a natural sheep skin mitt as they will never damage you vehicle.nnIn order to repair the scratch on your car in a way that will keep the paint looking unspoiled, you’ll need to make sure you know the facts about the products you want to use. Its pretty simple to use a car scratch repair kit, but make sure you don’t just get any kind of scratch remover. If you use quality car scratch repair kit, you will get a quality result.

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