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Can Car Run On Water As Fuel Using HHO Gnerators

07.29.2008 · Posted in Cars Articles

Learn how you can run your car on tap water. Yes, you heard it right. I am talking about running a car on plain tap water. If you think it is brain surgery then you are not right. It is very simple chemistry of water and the power that it has within itself. I am not the only one running my car on water, there are more than 10,000 people who have already done this on their cars and trucks. Well more than 95% were able to get comfortably increase the mileage by at least 40%, while for others the gain was not that convincing. The number of people trying this technology is increasing every minute.rnrnThere are two options that you may opt, either get yourself a ready to install hho kit or buy a water4gas diy manual. The water4gas manual will guide you through the very basic steps on how to make your own hho electrolyser device and also tell you various installations schemes to help boost the mileage of your car.rnrnBefore hand I would like to make some strong statements about the procedure. This is completely reversible, you can buy a ready to install hho kits and in case you do not want it anymore or you are selling your car then you can remove the installed kit in no time. It is 100% legal, safe and will also help in lesser emissions.rnrnThe procedure is as follows. You still have to fill gas in fuel tank as you were doing over the years. There is a separate kit that is attached to the fuel system and it sits below the hood of your car. This kit generates HHO gas from water by using some minimal electricity from the battery of your car. This gas is then mixed with regular gas and fed to the engine. As a result the consumption of regular gas will decrease which means that the exhaust system will be cleaner and result in higher mileage as lesser gas was used in the process. The cost of such a kit is usually less than $200. These kits will allow you to convert your car into running with fuel and water.rnrnIt is said that hho generators are a much more cost effective way of running your vehicle. You will spend far less in fuel than you normally would, plus it is much safer for the ozone as you are not putting out emissions that can harm people. It also allows your fuel system to run much cooler and at a higher power level. The average that is reported to us is about 44.3% gain in mileage, although some people have gained more than 200% means if they were getting 30 miles per gallon of regular gas now they are getting more than 90 miles per gallon. Which in itself is a fortune looking at the rate which fuel prices are going up.rnrnThe conversion of running car on water along with regular gas is 100% environment friendly. Since your car would be running on HHO gas generated by the electrolysis of generator kit installed in your car. Any excess vapor that gets generated will go back to water so you are not harming either engine of your car or environment. Let me put it this way, by not having this kit your car is producing harmful gases and eating engine at a faster rate. So you might have by now realized that this is a must have solution for your car to run on water along with gas/petrol.

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