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Can Parents Control You at 18?

02.14.2020 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

If you are turning 18 soon, you may be wondering what privileges you can get. How being 18 years old is different? Can you have full control over your life or parents are still allowed to interfere? More importantly, can you act and take decisions as an adult? Well, if you are thinking such questions, you are not alone. Most children in the UK are curious about their rights as 18 years old.

We are going to answer your basic questions in this article. You’ll know some basic details about what you can do and what you cannot. And in case you want into more details, you can always consult best family law solicitors in stockport.

Common Questions that Teenagers Usually Ask

Here are answers to some common questions that teenagers usually want to know.

What a Person Can Do at 18?

There are a lot of things that you can do once you reach the age of 18. First of all, you must know that at 18, you will be tried in the court of a magistrate. So, if you are found guilty of a crime, you may have to go to prison. You are also eligible to serve as a jury member.
You can start your own business and are allowed to make a will. Also, you will get the voting right for general and local elections at 18. That’s not it, you can run for elections as a local councilor, mayor or MP.

Do Parents Have Control Over You at 18?

A person under 18 is legally considered a child in the UK. Though you may gain certain rights, you aren’t an adult till you are 18. That sums up the all, your parents cannot control you once you are 18.

Can You Leave home at 18?

Yes, you can leave your home when you are 18 without getting permission from your parents. That’s not in the case of a child i.e. under the legal age. Parents can get a court order to bring back their children. But usually, courts don’t approve parental orders for children who are 16 or above.

Can You Marry without Permission at 18?

Legally, a person can be in a civil partnership or get married at 16. However, the law requires parental consent if you want to do so. But once you turned 18, you no longer require parental consent to be in a relationship.

Can You Work Full-Time after 18?

The UK law allows children to work part-time at 13 years of age. You may start early in certain cases like acting or modeling. But you’ll need a special license if you are not 13. Also, the law about full-time work is different in England and Wales.

In Wales, you are allowed to start working full-time at 16. That’s because this is the minimum age for leaving schools. But in England, you must have to continue your training or education until 18 years of age.

Can You Use Alcohol at 18?

Legally a person who is buying alcohol must be 18 years of age. But the law allows you to drink cider, wine or beer with a meal. This is in case you are eating with someone who is over 18 years of age. So, once you are 18, you can buy and drink alcohol.

Takeaway Words

Once you turned 18, you are officially an adult in the eyes of law. You can take on responsibilities and don’t require parental consent. Plus, if you have any child saving account, you can convert it into an adult account. You can get married and start a family of your own.

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