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Calphalon cookware on sale: Save $230 on this nesting 10-piece set

06.20.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles
TL;DR: This heavy-duty cookware set made from durable anodized aluminum is specially designed to take up 30% less space in your cupboards, and Amazon has it on sale for just $370. 
Every once in a while — say, a blue moon or so — we'll stumble upon a discounted product whose MSRP has somehow been inflated or deflated on a retailer's site. As you can probably imagine, the former is *beyond* annoying because it suggests the consumer is getting a better deal than they actually are. (Peep this explainer to find out how this tactic got Amazon in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission a few years ago.) Read more... More about Cooking, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Solo, Cookware, and Calphalon

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