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A creator should be aware of these different types of logos.

04.08.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

When we are talking about a business everyone sees it as the company’s name, for the business, it is the way they can advertise and get more people interested. So how can an image be designed in such a way that it can fully represent the organization? The only way possible here if it is designed by someone who is an expert.

For a designer to be an expert he/she must know about a few different factors. One of these includes the different types of logos. The type of logo is the different ways a business can design a logo. 

Image type:

In these times where people are always on their phone the best way to get the attention of the people is by having a brand identity using a few different images. There are three different types when talking of logo with images. 

  1. Pictorial Mark or Logo Symbols:

Pictorial mark is designed by using different images. This type is something many business use as they can make it easier for people to remember. If you didn’t know in these times this is the best way to attract initial clients to a company.

You need to be super careful when picking one for your business as in the end, it is a company’s identity something everyone will be seeing before entering your business. If you have picked one make sure it appeals to the customers.

  • Abstract Logo:

In an abstract logo, you have the choice to be as different as possible. When creating this try to go for those that make your brand identity look different. There are a few different ways of doing this, what they are can be seen below.

You can do anything you not required to stick to a certain form, use any shade you want, use different shapes in one. The only thing you need to make sure is that the design is fully conveying the business message to the audience.

  • Mascots:

A mascot is the company ways of connecting to the families and business visiting. It can be anything a human, an animal even an object. The main reason for choosing a mascot is that people love talking and sharing their thoughts with other people.

The best thing about mascots is that they can be of any shape, size or expressions it all depends on the business. The best example for this is McDonald’s their brand isn’t alive it’s just off a clown sitting but it still attracts kids towards it.


Minimalistic is always about sticking and using the simplest elements in your custom logo. The main reason a designer uses this is that just like images these also be used in these times and can attract more people to a business. 

  1. Lettermarks or Monogram:

The way one can use this is by picking the correct typeface. The way you can create this is by using initials or using a company’s starting letters. Let’s take an example there is a company by the name of Electronic Sports the lettermark of this would be ES.

The companies you will see using this will always have names that are not only difficult to remember but also not able to be used in advertising. By doing this the company’s name because smaller enough making it easier to advertise.

  • Logotypes or Wordmarks:

This type is something you should be trying if your company name is short and distinct and noticeable. While working on this make sure your main focus is on your company name as this is another thing people notice.

This is something that businesses that are new and want to get people to notice should be trying. If a designer plans to create a custom logo design using this he/she needs to pick the best font that describes the company’s message.


Picking the best logotype is the first step every creator needs to work on when he/she is tasked to work on custom logo design services. While doing this make sure it works with the design and create something that can illustrate the company in the correct form.

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