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Business Owner Or Entrepreneur – Which Are You?

01.30.2012 · Posted in Business News Article

We live in the age of the entrepreneur. That’s not a bad sales pitch. As layoffs are slowly nudging shoppers back to mom and pop shops, and more individuals than ever are stretching their wings and setting out on their own, entrepreneurs are doing a booming business.rnrnEntrepreneurship is the new black, ladies and gentlemen. Write it down.rnrnI stumbled across an article the other day written by Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing that posed an interesting question, however. She asked her reading audience if they were, in fact, entrepreneurs or if they were business owners. It was an interesting distinction for me, and one I’d like to toss out to all of you.rnrnWhich are you, business owner or entrepreneur?rnrnUm

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