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11.25.2022 · Posted in Travel Articles

Today, the management of Brussels Airlines and the Workers Council achieved an understanding about structural measures enhancing the airline’s competitiveness and providing employees with long-term prospects.

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A minimum number of forced dismissals are made as a result of the measures adopted.
Employees who leave the organisation will receive strong help in terms of job searching and career transformation.

To build a long-term sustainable future, structural solutions enable productivity growth and unit cost reduction.

The management of Brussels Airlines and its social partners, who represent the more than 4,000 workers in the various sectors of the company, including Cockpit crew, Cabin crew, Maintenance & Engineering, Ground Operations, and Support Functions, have reached an agreement.

As stated in May, Brussels Airlines must make significant changes to secure the organization’s long-term future. The carrier must structurally lower its costs to a level where it can compete. Brussels Airlines’ management and worker council reached a consensus today that paves the way for meeting both the organization’s present and future demands.

A crucial step toward being a long-term competitive company is coming to an agreement with our social partners and sharing responsibility for structural transformation for Brussels Airlines. I want to thank the union representatives for helping us take this important step. By putting our turnaround plan into action, we will begin creating an airline with a solid financial foundation that will first get smaller and structurally profitable before expanding. This will provide its stakeholders, customers, and staff new views.

75% of the positions, distributed equally among the departments, are protected under the agreement. The goal of both management and the unions was to explore every avenue to prevent forced terminations as much as feasible. The number of forced dismissals can be kept to a minimal by using alternative options such early retirement, part-time employment, time credit, voluntary resignation, and unpaid leave.

In collaboration with Travvant, Brussels Airlines offers 12-month outplacement services to assist departing employees with their transition to new careers.

The ongoing discussions to secure the company’s financing are still crucial even though the turnaround plan is necessary to get out of the crisis and become structurally competitive. The Belgian home carrier is looking forward to a successful conclusion of the ongoing negotiations regarding the financial assistance required to deal with the effects of this unprecedented crisis and restructure the business.

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