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Boy with autism hates being in photos, mom lets him wear T-Rex suit for family pics

One son, who has autism, hates being photographed. His sibling does not mind it. Mom is a photographer. She comes up with a creative parenting solution, and some amazing images, below. Mom's incredible solution? Let the kid who can't stand being seen in photographs dress up as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Photographer and mom Samantha, aka Roaming Magnolias, shared this incredible gallery of photos on Reddit/IMGUR today. Instagram Photo We'd like to know if she adopts adults, too, because we're ready to be her kids also. Samantha writes:
My son, Levi, is autistic. He doesn't like having his photos taken because he gets uncomfortable with things like eye contact and smiling on command. So instead of begging and pleading for a few good photos, this year him and Lola went a different route. Why not let him wear a t-rex costume and make the best of it? 😂

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