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Better Enjoy Self-Driving Trip With A 7” Double Din DVD Player In Your Car

05.28.2012 · Posted in Cars Articles

Better Enjoy Self-Driving Trip With A 7” Double Din DVD Player In Your CarrnrnWith the rapid development of cars, self-driving trip has become one popular way of leisure and entertainment in recent years. Self-driving allows you to decide the time of starting, the travel route and where to have a rest during the trip according to your own situation, many people prefer to choose this travel way in this reason. In a self-driving trip, the selection of entertainment devices is of great importance because it will effect whether you will enjoy yourself in the journey. For me, the most favorite in-car entertainment device is the 7 inch double din car DVD player. rnrnFirstly, this car DVD player has a 7 inch high definition digital touch screen. The touch panel is easy to operate and responds sensitively, which will certainly bring you much convenience in operating the car DVD system. The 7 inch screen is big enough to offer you an excellent visual experience with clear contrast and high resolution. When you watch TV programs, play video games, or access the GPS system, it is able to offer you clear and high-quality pictures, which will be a kind of great visual enjoyment.rnrnMoreover, a 7 inch double din DVD player usually comes with multiple audio and video entertainments. Car radio, TV shows, CDs/DVDs, and even digital files from memory devices like SD card or USB stick, all of these are your choices when staying in the car. For the driver, the main source of enjoyments while driving may come from audio entertainment like listening to melodic music. When stop the car, video enjoyments are also available for the driver. In addition, playing video games is another great way to **** time during the car trip. Many such car DVD players also support steering wheel control so that you can control the player by operating the steering wheel conveniently. In my opinion, the feature of multifunction is one of the essential reasons for the popularity of the device. rnrnAlso, the 7 inch double din player also has other additional functions. Many people choose the double din car DVD player because it’s very easy for the driver to use built-in GPS navigation and Bluetooth function. The built-in GPS system will provide you with information of your exact location and right routes to your destination in case of getting lost. The built-in Bluetooth enables you to make hands free calls through the car DVD player, avoiding distractions on driving. Moreover, now these units allows some customizations. For example, you can change background image and boot screen with built-in pictures or your favorite ones, making it fit your car interior much better. rnrnOverall, a 7 inch double din car DVD player will offer you various in-car entertainments, adding much more pleasures to your journey. Additionally, it also bring you much convenience and safety in the driving. So, don’t you think that it is a perfect companion in a trip?

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