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Best Flat Iron – Secrets Professionals Use to Buy the Best Flat Iron

08.07.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Most irons simply squeeze your hair among two hot flat surfaces, which can seriously damage your hair. A better product will have a design that keeps it mobile and moving.nnIt may surprise you to learn that there are irons out there with a brush-like teeth that will add to your hair’s softness and shine as it straightens by heating.nnAs said above, an important feature is that it actually moves or turns, and does not keep the hair clamped in one position for an extended period of time.nnThe best flat iron will use as little heat as necessary, but still end in maximum results. Overheating your hair is one of the worst things you can do to it.nnMake your iron do triple duty. There are products for sale today that not only straighten, but also curl and add volume to your hair. Spend your money smartly, and invest in a tool that does the most things for your lifestyle.nnAt least three various heating settings is preferred. It is best to try the coolest setting first, then move up until you achieve the results you want.nnAnother feature we want to spotlight is whether or not the device is designed to stop tangling as it straightens. A good appliance will be lined with nylon just for this purpose.nnThe best flat iron will have instructions on how to maintain it on a daily basis in regards to cleaning and any ongoing maintenance needs to keep in pristine condition.nnGetting a warranty from the producer is important. Its always a good idea to see if they have an extended warranty option.nnIn conclusion, check to see if others have used the product and what they think about it. If you find it’s popular in the Hollywood scene, chances are you’ve found the best flat iron.

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