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Best Resume Layout

02.15.2020 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Resume plays an important role in providing a job to a person. As everyone knows, a resume is a summary of your education, personal experience, skills, professional experience. Almost every candidate who recruits in every job calls for a resume letter as a part of the job application. It is very clear that a resume should be a well-formatted, attractive, attractive, and a unique style. So today every candidate is looking for outsourced help to create a perfect resume layout. If you are also facing this kind of difficulty and looking for some help, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we’re going to discuss all the tips and tricks that can help you create the best resume layout.

Here are Some Resume Format-:

Everyone asks the same question, how can we create a perfect resume layout? If you want to start a successful resume. Then, first of all, you have to gain knowledge of all forms of résumé. Usually there are three resume formats that are mostly used by candidates who are combined, reverse chronological and functional.

If one has complete information about all kinds of formats, they can easily create a perfect resume layout.

Now we’re going to discuss all the formats of an entire CV that can help you create an ideal resume layout-

First -1. Chronological resume format:

This is the most common format of the resume that most candidates use in their resume. This is one of the simple resume formats, even one that most recruiters want to see. That makes it simple.

The section of your work experience gets the most emphasis in reverse chronological resume format. Skills and education are also included in this format, but this format gives them a place after the work experience.

Second-2. Functional resume format:

This format is unknown to most of the recruitments. Because this format does not like to emphasize any work experience. The layout is dedicated only to giving greater space to skills that are relevant to the role. So, it is also called the skill-occupied resume format. Even this is the format that is least popular in all restart formats.

Third-3. Combination resume format:

This is evident in the name of this format, this format is a combination of both formats as we have discussed, which is functional and reverse chronic resume format. This is the format that equally emphasizes both the skill and work experience of the candidate.

Because it gives them too much space so, you may not have enough space for other classes—such as interests, summaries and volunteer work, etc.

Why Resume Layout Matters-:

As we all know, a resume plays an important role in providing a job to a candidate. A resume is also our first impression of the employer. It can easily attract your employer if your resume is designed with a perfect layout. A correct resume layout is important because it is possible to tell your different information and experience in effective manners from the resume layout. Most people choose a layout that is not suitable according to their resume, so it doesn’t get an attractive resume. So if you want to create a correct resume you need to choose a correct layout that is suitable according to pieces of your information that you want to give in your resume.

Basic Rules for Designing the Best Resume Layout

If you want to make a successful and perfect resume then you should need to design a perfect resume layout. If your layout is attractive then it can be helpful for you to make an attractive resume. Here we are discussing some most important basic rules which you have to follow for designing the best resume layout-:

1. Select the correct font:

You want to create a correct resume layout. So make sure you select the correct font for your resume. Always try to choose the font that should be clean and easy to read. If you’re going to write an easy resume layout, you should choose a standard font. You can use basic fonts (10-12) of size at the start.

For ideal readability, keep the font size consistent. The exception is increasing the font size for your name, job title, and section titles.

The most important thing is to try to keep the ideal readability a constant font size. Any exception of any type can increase the font size of your section heads, job titles, and your name, etc.

2. Make a resume header which pops:-

If you want to resume a successful or effective one. Then it is very important to create header layouts that are visually different and attract the reader’s eye to see the header that resumes before. Try to discuss all notifications very clearly, including contact pieces of your name, address, qualifications and information.

3. Try using bullet points from Smartly:-

If you want to create an effective and attractive resume layout, you should try using bullet points smartly to create a nice layout to start your resume. You should use bullet points in the place where you are showing your skills, etc.

For example-: Use bullet points in your resume where you’re writing your experience. That makes your layout easier by pointing to your relevant and good achievements.

4. Setting margin-:

Margin is playing an important role in creating a perfect resume layout. If you want to create a perfect layout you have to set the margin in a very good way. An inch margin is sufficient for the résumé. Do not try to make a margin smaller than ½ inches. It is also very important that you have to strike a proper balance between texts and white space.

5. Use the appropriate line spacing:

You should try to use the proper line spacing when you are designing your resume layout. Most of the time you can see that you have two row spaces in a title, which is not suitable for a correct resume layout. For a good layout, it is necessary to reduce the two line spacing. It’s also good if you reduce it to a row spacing or 1.15 row spacing.

6. Create a structure that divides your resume layout into the appropriate segments-:

If you are going to choose your resume layout it is very important to choose the right layout structure first. Here are some points that are required for a resume layout structure:

1. First, create headers with your contact information.

2. Then give all your objectives and professional summaries.

3. Then give your work experience, if any.

4. Then give your educational qualification etc.

5. Then tell your skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

6. Then you can give any additional summary (this is optional).


A well-patterned resume is very important for every job seeker.While you are going to apply for any kind of job, you need to make a resume that can easily attract your employer. As we discussed in this article all the important points which you should remember when you are making a resume.

We also discussed all three formats of a CV as well we discussed how you can make a perfect resume layout. Still, if you get any complication in making a perfect layout for your CV, then you can get our services. We are providing you the best resume layout templates prepared by experts. we are also providing you the best quality CV samples at very low costs. so if you want to make a resume online so we can also provide you online expert assistance. Our experts are working 24*7 hours for providing you the best services.

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