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Best Flower Bouquets Appropriate for Wedding Decorations

07.16.2019 · Posted in Society Articles, Weddings Articles

Marriage ceremonies are a much hyped up affair in the Indian marriage context. The happiness, excitement and the relation with flowers and flower decoration with marriage is the most important and essential part of any marriage decoration. If you have been wondering about the flower bouquets that you have to choose then have a look below.

Venues like The Leela Palace Bangalore, Miraya Greens Bangalore, TempleTree Leisure Bangalore dresses up with various flower arrangements from the best flower decorators. So, take your pick and let the fragrance flow freely.

Flower Decorations

Flowers And Wedding Decorations

Flowers are an integral part of wedding decorations. Starting from the wedding stage decorations to decorations all around the wedding venue, flowers are not just mounted on the wall but the bouquets are also placed on the tables and strewn across the corners strategically. Flowers lend a freshness and a beautiful look to the wedding decoration.

Different Varieties Of Flower Bouquets

There are different types of flower bouquets available for Mehendi and Sangeet decor. You can choose simple flower bouquets like white lilies or ardently decorated ones with big huge roses bloomed to perfection matched with a handful of other small bright flowers.

The bouquets are usually decorated on the walls, stages and the tables. Tulips, Hydrangeas are also used for reception stage decorations. ITC Gardenia Bangalore & Adyar Garden Mangalore is a venue that you can select for maximum flower decorations.

Best Flower Decorators

Most Favoured Flower Bouquets

Every occasion has a favourite. If you are looking for no specific flower bouquets but an arrangement that will look good with your wedding theme then have a look at the most favoured bouquets. Tulips and hydrangeas are quite favoured as the simple yet exquisite flowers are very photogenic.

You can look at flower decoration pictures from previous locations like The Ritz- Carlton Bangalore, MLR Convention Centre Bangalore or The Tamarind Tree Bangalore to get an idea. Roses, Peonies, Gardenia and lilies are the next most favoured bouquets because of their simplicity, beauty and the royalty the flowers exhibit.

Best Exotic Flower Bouquets

Your exotic wedding theme deserves a flower decoration Bangalore with exotic flowers. Sometimes these flowers have to be flown into the venue from other places. Exotic flower bouquets are not only put together in an exotic way but the flowers also include rarities like Hawaiian flowers, orchids, King Protea Flowers, Turkish roses and more. Your forest wedding theme will go perfectly with flower bouquets arranged in foliage cuts with a bunch oh of beautiful yet exotic wildflowers. The beach theme will gain more attention with the Hawaiian flower bouquets.

How To Keep Flower Bouquets Fresh?

If you want a simple flower decoration for wedding or any other event then ask your, best flower decorators in Bangalore to use flower garlands as well as flower bouquets. Keeping the flowers fresh are also an important part. Ensure that the flowers are stored at the right temperature so that the flowers do not wither. Also, make sure to ask your decorators to sprinkle the flowers with water every few hours. The flowers should be left enough room to breathe while being sorted in bouquets.

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