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Being Fit Helps To Prevent Impotence

12.12.2018 · Posted in Health Articles


Research shows that a lack of physical fitness is a major reason for impotence. Men, who run for three or more hours per week, have a 30% lower risk for impotence. Drinking too much alcohol and extreme smoking also cause impotence problems.

The most common reason of impotence is poor blood flow towards the *****. Thus, anything that obstructs blood circulation towards the male ***** increases the risk for impotence. Research showed that men who drink too much alcohol have high cholesterol and poor blood flow towards the male *****. So avoid the alcohol, it helps prevent impotence. Alternatively, taking more than two drinks a day improves risk for impotence.

Heavy and inactive people regularly have high cholesterols and are at increased risk for heart disease and therefore they are at risk for male impotence issues. Men with waistlines of 42 inches have more possibilities to be impotent than men who have a 32-inch waistline. Even men with beer bellies are more chances of having diabetes issues, which obstructs blood arteries that flows the blood towards the heart and *****. Therefore, men with beer bellies must be treated as diabetics.

If you are suffering from impotence problem, immediately seek advice from with your doctor and get some effective treatment to deal with male impotence problems. If your cholesterol level is great or you have diabetic issues, then you should be on the heart attack prevention program, which helps you to regain your strength. Heart attack prevention programs not only help to prevent attacks but also treat impotence problems. Take a healthy diet that contains fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, seeds, etc. that fill your required nutrition count. Reduce the eating of meat, chicken and dairy products that packed with saturated fatty acids because its arteries bloodstream that moves blood towards the male reproductive *****. Avoid smoking habits and keep your excess body weight. Limit the consumption of dairy products and sugary stuff. Join fitness programs that keep you active and healthy to work well. Daily exercise reduces the chances of having impotence issues.

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