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Beautiful Old Age

09.07.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

As mentioned in the Bible, strength is the glory of a young man while it is experience for an old man. Old is relative in today’s community, especially norm is the living to a ripe old age. For example, when you are about fifteen, you might think that old was about 30. Therefore, when I say listen to your elders, it probably means someone around 30 years old. However, I think the most valuable beginning of life is around the mid 40.nnI used to hear an example, it is something like this: “What you are 10, do you think that you know more than you are at 5? And at 12, you definitely know more when you are at 10. At 15, you know everything, huh? At least you know you know more than before?”nnAnother will say “When you reached 15, you better leave home since you know everything.”. It applied to all of us. Think about this, no matter what age you are, you can look back and say something like, “if I knew then what I know now,” which means with a little knowledge you could have made something difference. Age comes wisdom, wise person knows that they don’t really know everything, and they know they need to keep improving themselves.nnEngaging an old person in conversation is just like digging a treasure. You can know and learn more by hearing what they say, as they underwent more than us. It’s just like we are reading a book of life, with lots of experience and advice. There are lots of knowledge that is not written down in any books, for instance, many parents learn how to raise a child from what they learnt from their parents or emulating others, instead of reading books. The experience that the old people got is rich, and valuable to us.nnAnd we come to another question now, what should we hear from the elderly? For Women, we should learn how to raise children from them, how to deal with the peers, how to choose our career, how to keep a long lasting spousal relationship, etc. I feel right to listen the advices of raising children from older woman. Even they have failed in raising good kids, we still have to accept her advices. It is because she failed, probably she is the best person to accept advice accept the mistakes that she made. She will probably say, “If I could have do it again, I am sure I will do in that way!”. Failure drives to a better way.nnJust like if a woman failed at her marriage, she may know what mistakes she did when she looked back. Therefore she can act as a model to teach not to do those mistakes in your life. Moreover, if a woman raised a child unsuccessfully, her failure will also be treated as a piece of precious advice to you.nnWhat about old man advices? Man loves successfully story only. Suppose there is an old man who damaged his family, friends, and even child. Do you think you should still listen to his advices? Will you convince yourself to trust him if he told you not to be?nnIf a old man didn’t take care his family well, and couldn’t give what his wife and children need, this is absolutely a failure. When you hear this, you will know you should take care your family well in the future, and should never follow his steps. Old people may go through many wrong ways and failures, but this doesn’t mean you can learn nothing. “It ought to be lovely to be old, to be full of the peace that comes of experience, and wrinkled ripe fulfillment.”Old people are always the richest people, and it is wonderful to be old.

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