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Beastie Boys & Run DMC in ‘Together Forever,’ new Glen E. Friedman photo book

'80s and '90s rap and hardcore fans, this one's for you.
Rizzoli, October 1, 2019
Longtime punk and hiphop photographer Glen E. Friedman has been capturing mosh pits, skate ramps, and rap royalty since the 1980s, and his work is legendary. We've written about him a lot. Glen has an amazing new book out that focuses on the rise to fame of Run-DMC and Beastie Boys, two iconic acts whose origins was around to witness — with his camera, of course. From the foreword by CHRIS ROCK:
Rap was the opposite of Martin Luther King, it was not about integration, it’s really about our own thing, fuck what the world wanted from it, from us. We became our own. It’s parallels to punk rock’s destroying all that came before it while borrowing little bits to help you get there. bring it to a full circle and kind of help us understand how and why these two groups did what the did, and where Glen E. Friedman brings us into the picture deeper than anyone, and brings it all together forever, for us in photographs that excite and inspire to this day. CHRIS ROCK
In 'Together Forever,' we see how Friedman's lens captured images that define how we remember both groups, including the moment when both joined forces for the highly publicized 1987 joint concert tour, Raising Hell. This book collects all of GEF’s most iconic RUN-DMC and Beastie Boys photographs in one gorgeous 224-page Rizzoli volume. There are loads of never-before-published photos of the bands in concert, goofing around with celebrities, portraits, and, of course, hanging out together. There's a wonderful introduction by Friedman that captures much of the passionate focus his friends know well. And, a foreword by the massive Run-DMC and Beastie Boys fan Chris Rock. The book also includes commentaries from Chuck D., Mike D., DMC, AdRock, Run, The Hurra, Russ, and Rick Rubin.
Run-DMC were outsiders from mainstream culture. The Beasties were outsiders from hip-hop culture. Being accepted by Run-DMC and touring with Run-DMC was a mark of authenticity for Beastie Boys. There was a feeling of family between the two groups. RICK RUBIN
Glen is doing several book signings. The first is going to be in Northern New Jersey, at Book Ends today, the date of release, October 1 2019.
DMC will be there with GEF to sign books! If RUN is in town he may come by too. Should be fun.
There are more details on the book signings here. Grab the book at your local independent bookseller. Or, if you must, Amazon.

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