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Bamboo Hanging Picture — Chinese Art

04.19.2010 · Posted in Culture Articles

Bamboo hanging pictures are kind of Chinese art, which are made of high quality bamboo as the background and feature different patterns in front, such as lovely couples, charming women, naughty kid, beautiful nature scenery or some famous people and others.rnrnBamboo hanging pictures with scientific, reasonable and rigorous process are special compare with other arts. They are corrosion resistant, wear resistance, durable and practical. In addition, when they are *****, it is easy to clean. What’s more, as its materials all from the natural, they are not harm for people’s health. Therefore, this art is perfect for people to adorn house and create a new environmental decoration.rnrnChinese handicraft store offers variety bamboo hanging pictures, and they are all in competitive price. Whether buy this art for decoration, collection or appreciation, this art will be an eye-catching. Of cause, bamboo hanging pictures are also good gift for friends with the special and unique character. rnrnBamboo hanging pictures have the functions not only hanging on the wall, but as blinds. However, the positions should depend on people’s different needs. Besides, the pictures can be easy to roll up when people want to collect. rnrnIf there is one of your friends are going to marriage, you can choose a couple’s bamboo hanging picture to show your best wishes for them. This will add more happiness for the newlywed when hanging the picture on their wall. rnrnPresent a longevity bamboo hanging picture to elderly one will be the best thing. In Chinese legend, there is a *** of longevity who is a kindhearted old man. People usually like to show their wishes to someone when they celebrate birthday with this longevity role.rnrnStill, there are so many beauties, they comes from different ethnic groups and have variety expressions. These vivid ladies could move people deeply and make people can’t help to admire the designers’ extensive imagination and exquisite work. No matter hanging it on office or home, these bamboo hanging pictures will reflect your unique aesthetic.rnrnKnow more information about bamboo hanging pictures or other Chinese handicraft, like Shadow Puppets, Chinese Knots, welcome to our online store.

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