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Baby Sterilizer – Absolute Must Have For All New Mums

08.26.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

New babies are very vulnerable to infection – especially stomach bugs. It’s therefore very important to ensure that baby bottles are 100% sterile before use. Baby milk (human or formula) is a great medium for harmful bacteria to grow in. You therefore need access to a baby sterilizer to ensure that bottles are sterilized properly.nnThere are a wide variety of makes and models of baby sterilizers available on the market. However, they can be broadly subdivided into three types – steam sterilizers, microwaveable sterilizers and chemical sterilizers. The choice of product will vary from family to family, but each product has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.nnSteam sterilizers are electrical stand alone devices that require nothing more than an electrical socket to use. They contain a heating element and warm themselves to the temperature necessary for their sterilization cycle. For most modern devices the sterilization cycle is automatic and you are required to do little else other than add some tap water, switch the device on and press a button. The main advantage of steam sterilizers is that they are quick and can easily be used when away from home. However, these devices can be quite bulky and are often more expensive than the alternatives.nnA microwaveable sterilizer requires access to microwave. Just add water, place the sterilizer in the microwave and set it going for the required time. These can be a problem however if you are away from home or are using your microwave for cooking.nnThe chemical sterilizer is the simplest of all the devices and just involves exposing the bottles to a chemical antimicrobial. These are very portable. However, many parents are often understandably concerned about exposing their babies to synthetic chemicals.nnWhen choosing a device it is important to remember that there are subtle differences between all products. It’s normally preferably to go for a well known brand to be sure that the device will be reliable and will last. This capacity of devices also varies. If your baby is predominantly breast fed then you can probably make do with a smaller device.nnOften devices will come with bottles. Some of the bottles are highly advanced with teats and functionality to mimic the human breast. This is particularly helpful if you switch between the breast and the bottle. Some will even come with color coded teats to enable you to quickly identify the **** that’s appropriate for you baby or the formula milk that you are using.

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