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Baby ***** Training – 5 Reasons to ***** Train Your Baby Early

10.27.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Although most children are ***** trained around 2 or later, there is another option called baby ***** training. It has its own benefits, but it may be hard for some families to do. This article will discuss 5 benefits of ***** training your baby early.nn1. Helps Increase Baby-Bonding: Although scientific study is lacking, people that support this method claim that infant ***** training can bring you and your baby closer. In order to find success with this method it is necessary to be very aware of your baby and his or her signals. Being so closely connected in this way allows you to form a communication of sorts that wouldn’t normally be present.nn2. Less Irritation: An increase in crying and fussing that many children experience has been linked to possible diaper irritation. Naturally, by using less diapers with this technique, these common rashes can be decreased or even avoided.nn3. Expands Independence: Those who choose to baby ***** train will find that their baby will find a greater sense of independence at a very early age as they are encouraged to crawl to the *****. If the baby was dependent upon you for diaper changes, this encouragement to crawl and exercise independence would not happen.nn4. Less Diaper Waste: The number of diapers used around the world has created significant waste in our landfills. Cloth diaper usage can be one solution, yet it has its own negative effects on the environment as considerable energy is used to launder them. Baby ***** training can help in these areas as well as being friendlier on your budget.nn5. Normal and Natural: In Africa and Asia, mothers will carry their un-diapered infants around. They have become in tune to their babies needs and signals and anticipate when their babies need to go. By holding them away from their bodies when they are aware that their child needs to relieve themselves they avoid being soiled. This technique won’t work quite as well for modern families, but the same principles apply for reading the signs of your baby and knowing when they need to go.nnThis article looked at 5 reasons to ***** train your baby early. Not using diapers can encourage baby bonding, be more comfortable to the child, increase their independence and reduce diaper waste all at the same time and has been considered more natural.nnThis idea is not well documented and is greatly debated, but if you are considering this method you probably have more questions…nnWant to learn more?

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