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Azure AD Authentication in Blazor Using ADAL.js

07.13.2018 · Posted in Computer Articles

Although Blazor is in the early stages of development, already, it is good enough to try it out and play with it. As a logical continuation to my previous experiment where I made a Blazor application use an Azure Function-based backend, I, also, made it support Azure AD authentication on a web application and backend level. This blog post introduces my work on Blazor and Azure AD.

Problem and Solution

Since Blazor is browser-based technology, we can think about it as a neighbor of JavaScript. Although Blazor is a very young technology, it already supports JavaScript interoperability. We can call JavaScript functions from Blazor and C# functions from JavaScript. For JavaScript, we have millions of libraries available, and one of these supports Azure AD: Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) for JavaScript.

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