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A Summer Filled With Childhood Memories

07.27.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The other day my son came up to me and told me he was bored. I felt sad for him and began to think, what is there for him to do this summer. When I was a child, about the same age as my son is now, I would walk around town with my friends, looking for fun and finding adventure everywhere we went. My only worry was not paying attention to the streetlights, because when they came on it was time to go home for dinner. In today’s world, it is not as simple for my children, it is harder for any parent to just let their children loose and leave them to own discoveries for the entire summer.nnAs I continued to think of this I also came up with another question. Why did summer always last forever when I was young? I feel like this summer, and all those before it throughout my adult life, tends to rush by like a train at full speed. I can remember as a child spending whole days at the lake, feeding birds, and trying to catch fish with a stick and a piece of thread (of course we never got any). Other days were spent flying a kite that usually ended up not flying at all, or getting stuck in a tree.nnThese are the kinds of things that I think about when I start reminiscing about summer time. What kinds of memories will my kids have? They cant do the same types of things that I did, but then again the world is a different place now and the type of freedom that I enjoyed is just not possible anymore. I guess that I could extend that type of freedom, but I would be so worried all the time that I could actually ever do it. I need to know where the kids are at all times, even when they are playing in the neighborhood. nnIt would be great if neighborhoods were close knit like they used to be, where an adult wouldn’t be afraid to offer some friendly advice to a kid doing something a little off without fear of the kid turning around and throwing a few swear words at them or the parents of that same kid getting upset that another adult would have the nerve to discipline their child. We knew what we could get away with when we were kids and we knew that if Mrs. Johnson down the street saw us doing something too ******, that she would let our Moms know about it, and then, our Dads would find out when they got home from work and we wouldn’t do those same ****** things again because it would hurt to sit down. nn I miss the good old days. Such wonderful memories, such fabulous time.

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