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Appropriate Attire for an Interview

07.22.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

In an interview as well as any preparation for job interview questions and answers, your choice of attire plays a very important role. Your behavior, interpersonal skills and aptitude are equally vital essentials that reflect your personality. Suitable attire assists in creating a positive image and indicates that you are serious about the job and are aware of the nature of the industry in which you are attempting to gain employment. In some industries where customer contact and image presentation is a vital component, your attire will be critical.rnrnYour attire should be appropriate and fit well, but it should not be a distracting element. Over the top clothing may create a negative impression in the mind of an interviewer. Even if you are aware that other employees of company dress casually in the work place, you must ensure that you are dressed in formal attire unless you are informed otherwise.rnrnA two piece matched light colored suit is always the best and safest choice for women. If the job does not allow you to wear a suit then you could possibly wear jeans, especially if the work is located in an outdoor environment. Navy blue, dark gray (and black for women) are safe enough colours: do not choose colours which are extreme or too dark. You should ensure that your clothes fit well. Be sure to invest in a quality outfit that suits your body type. One good quality suit or similar is enough for job interviews depending upon your budget. You can vary your shirt and tie according to the colour of the suit. Opt for good quality silk ties and avoid very fashionable and funky types of ties.rnrnIt is preferable that men wear long sleeved shirts irrespective of the season and be sure to choose colours such as light blue or a solid blue with conservative stripes. Wear dark coloured socks that are mid calf length so that no skin can be seen when you sit down. When it comes to shoes, leather, lace up, or slip-on business shoes, preferably in black or dark brown are appropriate. Buy a good pair of shoes that are appropriate to wear on a special occasion. Along with the shoes, a black or brown leather belt completes your perfect job interview attire.rnrnLadies should apply light make up including lipstick and eye shadow, to create a natural appearance. Wear a single elegant piece of jewellery such as a simple diamond or other stone that will enhance your professional look. Wear a conservative watch. Be sure that your hairstyle reflects the professional look you are trying to present.rnrnYour clothes must be clean, neatly pressed and fit properly. Carry only the most important documents with you in a small stylish briefcase. The final touch is a light spray of a pleasant perfume, but be sure that it is not too strong or irritating to sensitive noses.

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