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Apple needs Qualcomm to make a 5G iPhone anytime soon, experts say

04.18.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Years of squabbling between two giant tech companies came to an end on Tuesday, as Apple and Qualcomm settled their legal disputes globally. This is likely a good thing for consumers because it means Apple may now be able to get a 5G iPhone out the door in a somewhat timely manner. According to a report from Bloomberg, working with Qualcomm was probably the only way for Apple to embrace the new wireless high-speed standard in the near future.

Put simply, Qualcomm has resources that Apple and any other company Apple could hire to make 5G modems do not. Apple had intended to work with Intel on making a 5G iPhone until the legal settlement, but even then, Intel seemingly couldn't compete with Qualcomm's expertise and resources in the 5G space. Read more... More about Apple, Iphone, Qualcomm, 5g, and Qualcomm Wifi 5g

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