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A Personal Crime: Criminal Identity Theft

06.28.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Criminals steal from people in many ways. Breaking into someone’s home and taking their belongings, robbing an individual of whatever they have on hand, stealing a car, and so forth. However, a new dimension in thievery has come about in recent times.nn When a thief actually steals another person’s identity, that is know as criminal identity theft. You can protect yourself against criminal identity theft by understanding what it is, ways that your identity can be stolen, and ways to protect yourself from this damaging crime.nn What Is Criminal Identity Theft?nn A criminal collects personal information about another person with the purpose of assuming that person’s identity. The effects of criminal identity theft can be monumental for the person whose identity has been stolen.nn That negative toll can be in the area of legal matters, finances, credit ratings, employment interviews, etc. In fact, whatever the thief does in a negative or positive manner is a direct reflection upon the identity that has been stolen from another individual.nn In addition, unfortunately, criminal identity theft is not noticed unless the criminal engages in an illegal activity and is apprehended. In addition, credit cards or other financial activities may be engaged in by the criminal. If the individual with the true identity is unaware of this financial activity it may reflect poorly on the victim if the person who engages in the criminal identity theft defaults on that financial arrangement.nn The worst case scenario is if any of these negative events transpire the extensive involvement required for the person with the true identity to clear their good name is a legal nightmare.nn Protective Stepsnn There are a number of steps you should take to minimize your chances of criminal identity theft. First and foremost, never carry your social security card or social security card with you. Never.nn Also, if you lose your wallet or purse along with any identification, make sure you report your loss to the authorities. In addition, if the drivers license is lost it is important to notify the local Department of Motor Vehicles.nn Finally, check your credit report yearly. And if you are anxious about losing sensitive material, enroll in a fraud alert system, which will notify you if any activity related to your identity or financial accounts is occurring.

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