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A New Star Has Arrived

05.13.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

No one could have imagined back in 1992 when a joint venture between the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protective Agency, known as Energy Star, was undertaken, that this entity would become 21st Century’s leading player in the world of energy efficiency. With over one billion products sold to date, Energy Star has become synonymous with energy saving to such a great extent that 70% of the population recognizes its logo.nnWith reference to the issue of global warming, most of the dwellers on Planet Earth were in a peaceful sleep, having no idea of its existence. But we are now like a 50 ton megaship turning its rudder, ever so slowly in a positive direction but with our “big ship” consumption habits, changing will take a very long time.nnThe key to turning the situation positively around lies in each of us making a contribution by facillitating changes in our everyday lives. Now that the problems have been brought to the attention of the public, we have begun to take global warming seriously.nnOne such program that has had its finger on the pulse long before most people were even aware of the environment was Energy Star. Their objective was to save money and the environment by way of energy efficient practices and products.nnIn 1995 Energy Stars range of products grew from PC’s and monitors to encompass a larger variety of office products as well as heating and cooling systems for homes and businesses. They just keep on getting stronger and stronger.nnEnergy Star is so prolific that it now encompasses over sixty different products from fridges to microwaves ovens, TVs, sound systems, washers and dryers, dishwashers, home electronics and lighting, with the more recent growth of the EPA to now include energy efficient solutions for both private homes and commercial buildings. nnEach passing year has seen Energy Stars global reach extend even further with its joint venture alliances with over 15,000 private and public organizations while providing options to consumers to make better informed decisions when choosing energy efficient solutions. Customers can rest assured in the knowledge that their product will in the long term save money by using less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gases than some of their less efficient market equivalents. nnIn 2008 alone, $20 billion dollars was saved on energy usage by Energy Star employing their huge stockpiles of products with the Energy Star logo.nnIn April of 2009, the EPA launched their campaign Change The World ” Start With Energy Star encouraging consumers to join the fight against climate change through small changes in their daily energy using habits and by replacing older, energy wasting appliances with Energy Star recommended products. nnEnergy Star predicts that by the year 2012, there will be a reduction of approximately 50 MMTEC in greenhouse gases. This total saving equals the output from more than 30,000,000 autos, while at the same time saving over 15 billion dollars annually in energy costs alone. nnSo how do we make this life-changing global impact for energy conservation?, simple, just by one energy compliant appliance at a time.

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