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Andy Bolton Strength Special Offer Review – Master Your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift Technique

08.16.2011 · Posted in Exercise Articles

Deadlifts, when done properly, can be one of the highest quality overall exercises you can perform. The deadlift works your back, abdominals and legs, as well as many supporting muscles.rnrnLoad weights onto that barbell. The bar should reach the middle of your shins. If the bar will never come up high enough with the amount of weight you are applying, start with the bar on a power rack so the bar is at this mid-shin level.rnrnPlace your feet approximately shoulder-width apart, with your toes aimed slightly outward. You can use a slightly wider stance, but should avoid having it much more narrow than shoulder-width. Your hands should be placed slightly in the vicinity of your feet. You want your hands being clear of your body at the top of the lift, but not so wide you will be stressing your arms an excessive amount.rnrnChoose on your grip. There are a variety of grips you can use on a deadlift, referred to as overhand, underhand or over-under. An overhand grip methods having both palms facing your body, an underhand grip methods having both palms facing faraway from you, and an over-under grip means having one hand facing your body, and the other experiencing away–like holding a baseball bat. An overhand grip is actually recommended, but requires strong grip strength. If you can lift the weight through an overhand grip, you should use the idea. An over-under grip is more comfortable to some, and is an acceptable grip, especially at lower barbells. At higher weights, an over-under grip can result in your body to ignore slightly, leading to a higher risk of injury. An underhand grip should be avoided, as it stresses your biceps too much. If your hands can’t keep the weight, an over-under grip will be your best bet. If your hands still can’t keep the weight, you can use weight-lifting wraps, but they should only be used when you absolutely can’t grip the bar enough to hold on to the weight. Having a supply with weightlifting chalk will improve your grip and assist you avoid having to make use of wraps.rnrnWork with proper form to avoid injuring yourself. Once you have the toes set and your hands in place, it’s time to set yourself up for any lift. Begin by squatting off, pushing your chest available and pulling your shoulders back. Keep your shoulders directly above the bar, which will result inside your hips and shoulders being inside proper alignment. Your back must remain straight through the entire lift. Keep your head up and look straight ahead. Looking down will round your back, so keep your big eyes straight ahead. If you have a mirror while in front of you, pick a spot with eye level and stay focused on it.rnrnPull the barbell heli-copter flight floor, pushing with your high heels, keeping the barbell close to your body all the way up. The bar should lift alongside your shins, without touching them. As you lift the barbell heli-copter flight floor, begin to push your hips forward. As the barbell clears your legs and you reach the the top lift, squeeze your glutes together with pull the barbell into your body, all the while keeping your back straight. Do not roll your shoulders back at the top of the lift, simply lockout your knees and pause at the top of the lift.rnrnTake the negative in the deadlift seriously. Do not simply drop the weight to your floor, but rather reverse the lift as you pulled it up. Maintain a straight back on the negative, keeping your shoulders back. Start the negative by bending at the hips with a straight back, then finish the negative by bending your legs, returning the weight to the floor. At the end with the repetition, you should be inside same position that people started.rnrnDo it again the lift for as much repetitions are possible or are necessary.rnrnNow, let

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