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An Absolute Directory about what Android programming language is

07.29.2020 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

The smartphone emerges after hearing the name of Android. As we all know whichever smartphones work, they all work through the Android operating system. This is why we will tell you via this blog that is Android programming language.

We all know that Android is an operating system, but we do not know that it is also a programming language. Android is a programming language through which our smartphones and tablets can work. Android is a very interesting programming language that we will explain in detail.

What is Android programming language

Many of us use smartphones and if you go anywhere, you will find Android users anywhere. This is because Android offers good and reliable smartphone services at very low prices for its consumers and Android smartphone is the best selling smartphone in the world. If someone of you knows what Android is, and if you hear its name, you must listen directly to your phone that it is Android. But we will tell you in detail what the Android programming language is.

Android is an operating system based on the Linux core developed by Google. Linux is an open source and free operating system in which Android is built with many edits. Linux operating systems are used for server and table computers, so Android is specifically designed for mobile screen devices such as smartphones and tablets, so that the features and apps we use on computers can also be easily used on our phone.

History of Android programming language

Android was introduced in 2003 on Android Inc. Was created by ANDY Rubin, after which it was purchased by Google in 2005. And Andy Rubin is the head of Android operating system development. Google has found Android a very interesting concept with which they can create a powerful and free operating system. Android was introduced in January 2007 and the Android operating system was also announced. In 2008, HTC Dream was launched in the market, which was the first phone hosted on Android OS. After that, a bunch of Android versions were introduced that the young users gave a good response to the Android.

After Android got popular in 2013, Andy Rubin Google left for one of its projects and left Sundar Pichai as head. Under the guidance of Sundar Pichai, it goes at the top of success and knows it now from the features of Android.

Features of Android programming language

Android seems to be a very good platform, and the features of Android make it better than other platforms, and they will also get information about you:

User interface: The Android programming language provides a beautiful and intuitive interface. It is very easy to use. Any ordinary person using the first time a smartphone can also manage it easily.

Support for multiple languages: Android programming language supports several languages, such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Bengali, Telugu, etc. You can prefer your language and use it on your phone.

Multitasking: Multitasking means you can do different things at once. As you search on Google, you can also listen to songs from the music app and also download any file.

Connectivity: When talking about connection in Android programming language, it contains WiFi, BlueTooth, hotspot, CDMA, 3g, 4g, etc., so you can easily connect to other networks.

Application: In Android, you can use it by installing the application of your choice. In the Android operating system, the Google Play Store is a standard program that allows users to download for free. You can download countless apps from Google Play Store. The special thing with the Android operating system is that it is a free and open source operating system. That is to say, it can be used on any smartphone. Its source can be written by any CO-developer, after which they can make edits according to their need. This makes it easier for programmers and developers to create programs. That is not in any other operating system.

Which programming languages use to create apps in Android programming language

Java: Java is the official language for Android programming language. When we want to make Android apps, we must use it using Java. We can create non-game programs via Java. Java is an object-oriented programming language through which we can create Android apps in Android Studio.
Kotlin: Kotlin is also an official language for Android development. We manage Kotlin in a Java virtual machine to create Android apps. It can also be used completely with Java and it causes no slowdown or increase in file sizes. The difference is that Kotlin requires less cone code and an easily readable system.
C + +: We use C + + to build games apps. As we know that C + + is a very difficult language, it is also done by big and professional teams. Android Studio also supports C + + with the use of Java NDK.
C #: C # is a more amateur neighbour option as opposed to C or C + + that mixes more code. It is also somewhat less troublesome than Java, but the two dialects are very comparison. It is reinforced by some extremely convenient devices such as Unity and Xamarin, which is amazing for the change of events and improvement on stage. C # with Unity is the best alternative to some portable game designers.
LUA (CORONA): Another crossphase device based on LUA. This stream line the process of building applications, while still allowing you to switch local libraries. Javascript

Java script: (Phone-GAP) If you definitely realise how to manufacture intelligent Web sheet tabs, at that point, you can use this information with Phone Gap to set up a progressive crossphase app.


We explained in this blog what the Android programming language is; Many people understand Android only as a smartphone. But in this blog we explained in detail what Android programming language is and which programming languages get used to making programs in it.

We hope that the information given about the Android programming language will remove almost all the related problems of Android. But if there is still a problem associated with the Android programming language, you can get help from our experts in Calltutors by using Android Assignment Help.

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