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Americans woke to ‘demon *****’ trending on Twitter

07.28.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
Americans woke to 'demon sperm' trending on TwitterLife for the perpetually online: you rise from slumber, rub the sleep from your eyes, take a deep sigh, grab your phone, pop open Twitter, and, "What the... 'demon sperm' is trending?" At least, that was life on Tuesday for those of us who spend too much time on Twitter. America, really, truly, did wake up to "demon sperm" trending.  "Why in the hell was demon sperm trending?" you might be wondering. Even more, "Why is demon sperm trending and also labeled as politics?"  Good questions, reader. Let me explain, so you don't have to do that digging yourself. But just know it can pretty much be blamed on Twitter's trending section being hopelessly broken.   Read more... More about Twitter, Donald Trump, Sperm, Devil, and Covid 19

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