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America is built on cheating — and the fight against it

08.26.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
It’s Cheat Week at Mashable. Join us as we take a look at how liars, scammers, grifters, and everyday people take advantage of life's little loopholes in order to get ahead.
Unpack one of America's seminal founding stories, and what you discover is a scam and a double-cross worthy of a heist movie. Most of us think we know about Dutch traders paying Native Americans a pittance for Manhattan when they first arrived in 1626. The price was 60 guilders, or about $950 today. Not the glass beads and trinkets of legend — and the locals understood property rights more than we tend to think — but certainly not what the resource-filled peninsula was worth, then or now.  Read more... More about Cheating, Cheat Week, Culture, Activism, and Politics

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