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Amber Alert GPS to Prevent Losing Your Child

02.20.2009 · Posted in Family Articles

Do you know that one of the greatest fear for a parent is losing their child? Would you like a way to help calm that fear? Amber Alert GPS can do just that. Imagine having a product that uses the latest in GPS and cellular technology. The company is run by parents for parents and revolves around the President’s initiative to protect children and give parents peace of mind. nnThe Amber Alert GPS is a leader in the US child location technology industry. Amber Alert Gps is rated a 4 out of 5 as the Editor’s Choice by in their new “The Ultimate GPS Child Tracking Buyers’s Guide. It has recently been reviewed in’s article “A Good Find: GPS to locate the kids”. nnThe Amber Alert GPS 2G is the world’s smallest and most powerful GPS tracking device. Tracking your child is easy. As easy as placing a call or sending a text. Simply place this device in a pocket, purse, backpack or car, or attach to a wrist, ankle, or belt. Call or text the AAGPS device, and within seconds youll receive a detailed map and address of their exact location right on your web-enabled phone. You can also track one or more devices from your computer.nnYou can make Safe Zone area in your neighborhood. You will receive an alert when your GPS is carried outside that location. The safe zone can easily be changed or cancelled in seconds from your cell phone or from our website. nnYou also receive an SOS Button. If your child ever needs help, he can press the GPS SOS button and you will receive an alert with his location immediately. If your child is in a threatening or dangerous situation, or has a medical emergency, he can press and hold the SOS button. nnYou receive a Speed Alert. You will get notification when your GPS surpasses a specific speed. You know immediately when your child is in a car. This is great for speeding teenagers!nnThe Amber Alert GPS can be used in many other scenarios. Vehicle tracking, pet tracking, special needs children and seniors, luggage tracking, and more. There are no limits to the uses of this amazing and efficient new technology.

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