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Alternative Schooling Options

05.28.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The public school systems are showing marked failure in many areas, and with this many parents are considering alternative education methods as a way of teaching their children. One of the biggest complaints about the public school systems is their failure in the areas of math, reading, and in teaching children to actually think. So what are the options available to you if you want your child to receive the most out of their education? The following are some of the more popular options for turning around your childs education:nnPrivate School is a great idea for many families. Many public school teachers choose the private schools for their own children. The only major downfall is the cost. It tends to be quite expensive, however there are many programs and scholarships available to the lower income families.nnHomeschooling is an excellent alternative. Homeschooling requires a lot of time and preparation on behalf of the parents or educators. There a re many child-specific benefits to this type of educating and it is much less expensive than other schooling options.nnUnschooling is basically “winging it” This method allows children to learn on their own timetable and make decisions about what they waant to learn and when. They are still taught using textbooks, but it is a lot less formal system and gives the child control over what they want to learn. This method uses the same principals used to teach Helen Keller.nnAny schooling choice you make will benefit your child in some way. Be sur to make it fun and age appropriate so they can understand. There are many options for educating your child and only the parents know what is best for each individual child and their learning style.

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