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All Success Lies In Your Ability to Live Between a World of Facts and a World of Faith

10.17.2011 · Posted in Spirituality Articles

Success is a word on everyone’s mind today. What with major companies gone bust, foreclosures on every block, millions unemployed and the economy in the toilet, it is little wonder that people are looking for a bright spot. What does it take to achieve success in anything? What is standing in the way of success for you?rnrnDwelling in a World of FaithrnrnThere is one answer to the question, “What does it take to succeed” spoken by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan that may be worth musing over. His answer is we must be able to live between the world of fact and the world of faith.rnrnWe all live among oceans of facts. Some things get done, some don’t. Some things are possible, some not. There is fact and then there is fiction. In the factual world there is only so much one can accomplish.rnrnThe other thing about living in a world of facts, that people find difficult to live with, is that society believes there is a set formula for everything. If you invest your money, you can watch the interest grow. If you go to college, you can get a high-paying job. If you spend enough years ruthlessly climbing the corporate ladder, you can find your way to the top-but you’re going to have to sacrifice for it.rnrnHow much are you willing to sacrifice for your success? When you’re walking in a world of faith, the question isn’t about sacrifice. It becomes how you can succeed while still enjoying the things in your life that matter most. Its about the priceless things in life like spending time with your family and having the opportunity to watch your kids grow up instead of being forced to spend their entire lives sitting behind a desk.rnrnIn faith, the barrier standing between you and everything in life you care about is your imagination and the belief in yourself that you can make it happen.rnrn”Life is full of tough decisions,” states Jordan. “Some people go through life pleased that the glass is half full; others spend a lifetime lamenting that it’s half-empty. The truth is there is a glass with a certain volume of liquid in it. From there, it’s up to you! Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”rnrnAre you letting a world of facts drag you down, or are you walking in faith and reaping all of the rewards?

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