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All about Chinese Tea

12.20.2011 · Posted in Alternative Medicine Articles

The tea is an intricate part of Chinese culture and that is almost 5000 years of habit. Actually based on the ancient folklore in 2737 BC the creation of a brew transpired. It is said that when a camellia blossom was found in the hot drinking water of Shen Nung the evolution of tea took place. According to some scholars its resource was found in an ancient Chinese dictionary named Erh Ya which goes back to 350 BC. rnrnIn ancient period the tea was ***** for its herbal and medicinal properties. For the reason that ancient time it has been regarded that tea help in digestion and for this justification most Chinese people have a cup of tea right after meals. The concept of drinking tea during those times was to alleviate the nicotine content for the smokers. It was 8th century after the tea drinking started to be an art form. This in fact led to the book of Lu Yu “The Classic Art of Tea”.rnrnThe previous Buddhist and highly esteemed poet used to be quite precise about the correct method of brewing, steeping as well as the way of serving. Initially it was prepared with a porcelain container with slow moving stream water.The only ideal environment for experiencing the finished product i.e. tea was merely a pavilion principally the one close to a water lily pond. This delicacy was enjoyed in the circle of acceptable women. Some of his very functional tips on tea processing are still in process. rnrnThe Yu’s publication enhanced the use of tea and it rolled down over the centuries. For that reason tea drinking became the hot theme for poems and books. Tea was also bestowed upon grateful recipients as gifts by Emperors. And, then tea houses did start to surface in region. Tea plays a healthy role in the daily life of Chinese and that’s why they value it unlike Japanese who celebrate tea ceremony. rnrnIt is quite incredible to know that all types of tea really come from one base i.e. Camilla Sinensis bush. There are four basic categories of tea but there are hundreds of types of Chinese tea. White tea is regarded as the healthy one it is created from the immature tea leaves. The right time to pick these immature leaves is shortly before the buds have actually opened fully. The color of green tea leaves is retained as it is not fermented during processing. Dragon Well tea, is the most expensive and the most popular green tea.. It is raised in the slopes of Hanghou. The black tea which is also known as red tea is made from fermented leaves and it accounts for its dark colors leaves.rnrnThe preferred types of black tea comprise of Bo lei, which is actually Cantonese tea. This tea is mi der is frequently taken by older people. And then there are oolong tea which are partially fermented and brings about a black-green tea. Soi sin is an example of oolong tea cultivated in the province of Fukien and it has bitter taste. The ‘scented tea’ is the fourth category which is developed by combining different flowers and flower petals or oolong tea. Among these the white tea and the jasmine tea are quite popular. In these days, most of us don’t have a pavilion or a lily pond nearby our backyard but still we can appreciate this ancient refreshment. However is it essential to know how to brew a perfect tea.

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