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A Little Something About Halloween

10.27.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Trick of treat! Halloween is time of the year that all children anticipate. Dressed up in the most bizzare costumes, they run around the neighborhood at night, knocking on doors and overflow their buckets with candies. Some children even spend weeks on the preparation of their outfits.nnHalloween is certainly not a child’s privilege but also for adults to reminisce the good old days by gathering candies that were once their favorite when they were young. To know about Halloween’s history, we have to go far beyond our parents’ generation because the origin dates back to centuries ago, back into the days of pagan rituals; even before they have been made a part of the Church.nnWho knows when and where Halloween began exactly? Many different versions of its origin had been created over time, including one that is, surprisingly, to celebrate good harvest in an old Celtic festival. People believed that Halloween was a time when the dead would rise, instilling fear and spreading diseases to not only the living, but also to crops. One could say that this is where all those atypical Halloween scares came from!nnApart from this tale, people also believed that the custom of Halloween, trick or treating, came from the Middle Ages. At that time, poor people would visit houses to find donors and pray for their deceased families and friends in return for food.nnThese poor people were called “Halloween peddlers”. This is why kids today dress horribly and ask for various traditional sweets on Halloween night.nnStories and speculations still come up every now and then about the origins of Halloween, however, it has been widely believed that it is of Irish and English descent. But, if you think about it, does it really matter where this tradition started? Not really.nnWhat is important today is that all people, including both children and adults, enjoy the festival. With a wide variety of costumes, you can be different types of scary characters such as ghosts, vampires, skeletons and even monsters. This makes the night more exciting.nnAfter all, you will be delighted to see the smiling faces of little kids under the most horrendous outfits, and be reminded of the times when you were those who had a great time living out the tradition of Halloween.

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