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Air fryers likely to be hot on Black Friday, and this one is already on sale

11.07.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
TL;DR: Get the health-conscious Chefman 6L Digital Multi-Functional Air Fryer for $127, a 15% savings. 
Food is no longer just about sustenance or taste. It’s now a full-blown movement. Food-related entertainment dominates our TV screens and streaming services. It steers the cultural conversation and dictates our social lives. Where we once discussed last night’s game by the water cooler, we now swap messages over Slack about that Netflix show with all the British people freaking out over baked goods. We’re in the middle of a food revolution. And if you have no idea what the previous paragraph was talking about, then it’s possible you’ve been left behind.  Read more... More about Food Preparation, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Air Fryer, and Tech

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