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A Gold Coast Fishing Charter: A Memorable Experience

08.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The Gold Coast is a must go destination for any serious tourist. Moreover taking a fishing charter is an experience that you dont want to pass up. Gold Coast fishing charters operate from two locations on the Gold Coast. At the south end operators work from the Tweed River. At the northern end, operators work from the Nerang River estuary known as the Broadwater. So what’s in store for you when you book a Gold Coast fishing charter? This article covers what kind of fish you can catch within the context of a truly magnificent nature experience. Read on.nnThere are two types of Gold Coast fishing charters: deep sea, which is the most common and calm water.nnCalm water fishing, such as that undertaken in the Broadwater by Gold Coast fishing charter operators, generally use small boats that transport up to six passengers. The kind of fish they target include bream, flat head and whiting. Light tackle is used. It’s not unusual for deep sea fish such as snapper to be caught in such shallower waters.nnMostly Gold Coast fishing charter operators take people deep sea fishing. Out there, it is not uncommon to catch big game fish such as marlin. Aside from fishing ,there are other unique experiences to be had such as viewing dolphins and whales as well as the tremendous view of the Gold Coast coastline with it’s majestic background of the mountainous hinterland.nnThe target fish, when fishing offshore varies between the winter and summer seasons. Gold Coast fishing charter operators tailor the fishing according to these two seasons.nnDuring the summer season, warm water currents flow from the north which can make fishing the deeper reefs (60-90 meters) for bottom dwelling fish quite difficult. On the upside though, the warm currents bring with them many fast pelagic fish such as black marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi and various species of tuna. The other alternative in the summer employed by Gold Coast fishing charters is to target the reefs closer to shore where snapper, teraglin, tailor and a variety of other bottom dwellers are typically caught.nnOn Gold Coast fishing charters, the pelagic fish are caught using small live baits whilst for reef fishing (for bottom dwelling fish species) various types of bait are used.nnWinter is the time for Gold Coast fishing charters to seriously target bottom dwelling fish at all depths. The fast moving pelagic fish have moved on. Good catches of snapper, pearl perch, teraglin, amber jack and king fish are possible. On the closer reefs, large cobia seem to follow the northward migration of the humpback whales.nnThe winter season off the Gold Coast becomes an ideal location to witness the breathtaking appearance of whales, dolphins and turtles along with an increased abundance of various bird life. So who says that the only reason you go on a Gold Coast fishing charter is to fish? Which ever season you choose to go on a Gold Coast fishing charter, your experience will be unforgettable.

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