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Agadir Holidays Allow You to Visit the Popular Attractions

06.18.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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A major city located in the mid-southern part of Morocco, Agadir was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake that struck the region in 1960. It was rebuilt in the following years with the help of a team led by the architects Pierre Coldefy, Jean-Francois Zevaco, Elijah Azagury, and Claude Verdugo. It was developed as one of the world’s major sardine ports in the late 20th century. By the year 2004, the population of this city increased to more than half a million individuals and it became a large port with four basins. Today it is one of Morocco’s important centres of tourism.

Your Agadir holidays would give you the chance to visit its city centre, which has some interesting structures worth exploring. One of them is the Grand Mosque, which has been built with modernist-style architecture and is among the country’s most unique mosques. Another interesting place is the Amazigh Museum, which has the ethnographic collection of Bert Flint on display. It would be a great place for you to get introduced to the Berber culture of Morocco and their artistry. Another interesting museum worth visiting is the Agadir Memorial Museum. It was built as a memorial to the earthquake of 1960 and also features Agadir’s black and white photographs from the early 20th century.

If you wish to take a break from your hectic sightseeing schedules and unwind under the sun, head to the Agadir Beach. It has become a favourite among the European tourists, who never miss the opportunity to relax on its powdery sands and get some sun-tan. The best time to visit this beach would be during the winter season when the weather is pleasant with comfortable daytime temperatures, clear blue skies, and warm sunshine. What makes this beach even more attractive for visitors is its recently-constructed marina. You can also choose to enjoy the local delicacies in any of the cafes and restaurants nearby during your visit to this beach.

While visiting the former fortified town of Agadir called Kasbah, you would get some intriguing insights into the times when it had a bustling population. In recent times, it is only the ramparts that have survived. The fortified town was constructed to defend the seaport against attackers. Of the elements from the Kasbah that have been preserved well over the years are the walls and the gateway. You can also enjoy some excellent panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic coastline below upon getting to the hill.

Located at a distance of about 14 kilometres east of this Moroccan city is a wildlife reserve called Crocopark. It is home to the Nile crocodiles that were once Morocco’s endemic species, but have been wiped out from the wild owing to excessive hunting. They enjoy immense protection in the park and this is quite evident from the way they move around freely in Crocopark’s environs. These surroundings have been carefully created to resemble their natural habitat. Besides the Nile crocodiles, the park also has a wide range of flora.

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