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A Funny Story About The Song Thrush Miao And Their Silver Jewels

08.26.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

As a small tribe of the Miao ethnic group, the Four Seals Miao is stand out with their interesting culture and customs. Their name “Four Seals” originates from the women’s clothes that sport four striking square patterns embroidered on the sleeves, front, and back, which are similar to four huge seals.nnTheir lovely hometown, a village named Maige, has lots of thrushes (a fat little bird found in China) that are well known for their loud, sweet songs. Every morning you can enjoy the birds singing happily like a song competition held in the forest. So the village won a nickname “home of the thrush birds.”nnLots of thrushes have brown or yellow plumage and lovely spotted *******. But some thrushes are distinguished by their white or red plumage. These beautiful birds not only sing sweet songs, but imitate the sounds of other animals and birds. In the forest, you can always hear the sound of a goose, a hen, or a cat. These strange sounds are in fact created by a thrush.nnThrush birds like to fight. In the mountains, they have their own territories. If one thrush’s territory is invaded by another thrush, a fight will ensue.nnAlmost every Miao family raises thrush birds at home. They put the birds into a cage, listen to the birds sing and watch them fight. nnThrush fighting competitions are fairly common here. A thrush that is raised carefully for a few months can be a great fighter and sell for a good price. This business has becoming more and more popular in the Miao area. Some birds are even sold to other areas of China and overseas.nnArtists get inspiration from the thrush, and have created lots of beautiful songs and dances about the bird.nnWhy do the local people enjoy raising thrushes? And why do thrushes always like to fight with each other? Here is a story:nnA long time ago, there was an old couple who had ten sons. When the sons grew up, they got married one by one. But once ten daughters-in-law joined the family, the old couple’s peaceful life ceased to exist. Everyday the sons’ wives quarreled with one another and destroyed the harmonious relationship between the sons. Finally they decided to break up the family and live apart. Each son and his wife got some land and property. The old couple lived together with their youngest son and daughter-in-law.nnAmong the ten daughters-in-law, nine were lazy and brainless. Only the youngest one was bright and diligent. The youngest couple worked ******* their farmland, so their life became better and better. But the other sons and their wives became poorer and poorer, because they didn’t take good care of their farmland. And they had to borrow money and food from their youngest brother. Year after year, the youngest son and his wife couldn’t afford to continually lend food and money to their brothers, finally they went into bankruptcy. The old couple had to go to the mountains to seek for wild fruits for food.nnOne day when the old couple were seeking wild fruits in the mountain, an elderly man came to them and asked why they had to feed on wild fruits. The couple told the man their miserable experience. The man said, “Don’t worry. Just return home, and you will have food.”nnWhen the old couple got home, they found many birds chirping around their house. Nine of the sons and their wives disappeared. Only the youngest couple were cooking in the kitchen.nnThe elderly man that the old couple encountered in the mountain was actually the Bodhisattva, who turned the nine sons and their wives into thrush birds and gave the youngest one some rice and food.nnFrom then on, the eighteen thrushes stayed around the house, warbling and fighting everyday. Feeling sorry for these birds, the old couple made bird cages for them to stay in. This is the reason why the Miao people like to raise thrushes at home.nnWhen you are in Maige, it will be very convenient for you to go to many other Miao tribes to see beautiful silver jewels.

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