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A Folklore Inspires a Mobile Game!

03.23.2012 · Posted in Games Articles

Playing games is one thing everybody likes! And if its playing games on the go in your very own mobile phone, it is more exciting. Since the era of smart phones and touch phones began there was rise in the development of mobile gaming apps. The most popular touch phone ever is the iPhone. Consequently, dedicated mobile applications were built due to growing demands from users spread across the globe. The gaming arena came up as a flourishing sector like no other. Games of every genre were designed and developed by mobile application development companies.rnrnThe integration of gaming in mobile phones was a path-breaking step in mobile technology by enthusiast game developers. With the motto to entertain users, the gaming world stepped forward to create some astonishing mobile gaming applications. Earlier, Java was used to develop games that would be compatible with various mobile phones as well as multiple mobile platforms. Slowly and gradually, most mobile platforms came up with their own software development kits. With changing times, developers too stepped into their areas of interest and specialized in particular mobile development platforms. Highly talented and creative developers possess the knack of transforming ideas into enticing game apps that hold the attention of gamers for long. Because entertaining and above all, challenging game concepts allure gamers more than anything else.rnrnOne such simple yet entertaining mobile game is ‘Thirsty Crow.’ It is a gaming application specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.0 or later. The game is very simple; all that needs to be done is

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