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Adventure Travel in the United Kingdom

04.26.2010 · Posted in Destinations Articles

The United Kingdom consist of four countries, all of which are rich in history and art. England is a large country that begs one to adventure travel through it and the many islands that call England home. England’s capital is packed with culture, history and heritage. It’s also stuffed with top-class restaurants and hopping night life that will surely lure the traveler to delve into the delights and savor the experiences of the United Kingdom.rnrnEast of England are historic cities and towns, with country gardens and seaside resorts that will entice the traveler to behold the art galleries, cathedrals and a castle. The North Country has lakes and mountains, coastlines and National Parks that will tickle the romantic side. York is rich in history, and Sheffield, with it’s wide array of activities, is a natural wonder of the Peak District.rnrnScotland is not a wall flower by any means. Scotland is rich in highlands and castles and home of the Loch Ness Monster. Edinburgh is host the world’s largest art festival, every year, called the Edinburgh Festival. Scotland has plenty of exploration opportunities. You can view the beaches and the lochs, visit the Orkney Islands and experience the prehistory and wildlife.rnrnIf castles are an adventure travel dream, one can’t go wrong with visiting Wales. If seeking the Holy Grail is an adventure travel worth having, the ruin of castle Castell Dinas Bran may give up the secret it’s had buried for hundreds of years. With daffodils, sheep and only one motorway, Wales can bring the adventurous spirit to life as you go into the past and explore the halls of the 400 castles that have stood many adventures of their own. Best of all, the perfect time to visit the United Kingdom is any time of the year.

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