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Advantages Of Payroll Debit Cards.

07.18.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Debit Cards associated with payroll are also called as Pay Cards. These payroll cards allow employers to directly deposit salaries in the accounts of employees thus act as good payroll solutions. Such kinds of debit cards are beneficial for employees, who do not have a bank account. They serve for various purposes that involve electronic payments and hence, many people refer them as multi-utility electronic payments cards.nnThese cards have become a rage among the masses these days. They are innovative payroll solutions that companies can use to pay their employees. Thus, these types of cards have become a vital part for any business concern. Any company with agents, distributors, employees or affiliates can largely benefit from such types of cards. They do not require a person to have a bank account. Hence, anyone on your payroll can sign up for such a card.nnVarious activities can be outsourced by availing the services of a payroll debit card service provider. This way you can assign more time to concentrate on the core activities of your business instead of wasting time in lengthy payroll procedures.nnThese cards can be of great help to workers, who do not have a bank account due to various reasons. Such payroll solutions eradicate the need to prepare paychecks and decrease unwanted payroll expenditures. This is one of the major advantages of using these payroll services. The reduction in overhead costs due to hike in productivity is another benefit of these cards.nnPayroll debit cards help to safeguard your business from fraud, which in turn reduces the charges resulting from delayed payments. In fact, automatic payroll delivery boosts the growth of your business. They are an ideal way to get rid of the time consuming payroll check reconciliations and writing process.nnThese payroll solutions offer speed, safety and convenience for employers. An employer can easily send money to the account of an employee and on the other end, the employee can receive money safely and quickly without much hassle.nnMasterCard or Visa payroll cards act like phone cards. The employer deposits salary in the payroll card of the employee. The employee may then withdraw the money anytime from an ATM as and when required.nnPayroll services provide employers with a free deposit payroll solution option. Payroll debit cards are welcomed with open arms by people around the globe because of the astonishing features such as money transfer options and electronic bill payment. In short, it has become the safest and most preferred mode of salary payments for both employers to pay their employees.

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