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ADD/ADHD Professions For You

09.14.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

There are still more careers areas for you to explore if you have ADD or ADHD. If you haven’t seen anything to your liking yet, consider these other categories.nnManagement: At first glance, a managerial position may not sound too ADD-friendly. It requires a lot of attention to everyone else’s work and attention to detail, something most of us ADDers just don’t enjoy. However, if you can bone up your organizational skills and keep focused, you would really like being in control. People with ADD or ADHD also have the ability to “bring people along,”and to excite them such that employees would want to work for you!nnNursing: You can remain self-sufficient through choosing nursing career. It needs patience and discipline. Although there are many challenges before you in this profession it gives you satisfaction and ample opportunities to serve humanity.nnMedical: ADD sufferers can opt for the medical career like nursing. This profession requires you showcase extra sensitive attitude. Follow positivism after choosing medical as a career. Select specialized area of it like surgery or gynecology and perform excellently in them. Be a self starter and a thinking professional who works and thinks independently and excitedly.nnAttorney: As an attorney you have to follow strict rule and learn to work on every detail of your work. Usually this specification is difficult to follow but not impossible though. The attorneys dealing with the paralegal aspects are assigned more descriptive tasks. Lastly, being an attorney is a learnable experience in which you apply mind, energy, diversity and individualism. nnInsurance: I can almost hear you yawning as you read this. If the notion of working in this field intrigues you, think about a job as a sales representative for insurance or a claims adjuster. These jobs require much less monotonous work, enable you to be sociable, and offer variety as well as autonomy. nnComputer: Let’s face it, some computer work is boring, boring, boring – all that sitting in one place doing the same thing over and over! What I am talking about here is different. If you love computers, love inventing new programs, or enjoy taking computers apart and putting them back together again, you may find the perfect job. SImply putting in data will drive you insane!nnRecreation: Health filed is not affected by any recession. This field has uninterrupted growth. Make career in it if you are physically talented and well built. Do you have zeal to teach others about health and well-being? If you think so try your luck in coach, dance instructor and fitness trainer jobs. nnConsultant: Think of a consulting job like you might that of an entrepreneur. Most consultants enjoy being presented with a problem and coming up with solutions. You are energized by trying to “sell” someone your ideas. Often someone else will be in charge of implementing your plan and seeing to the details. This sort of career will offer you autonomy, variety, and stimulation. nnCreative: ADD sufferers can’t be surpassed due to this disorder. They have done tremendous contribution in creative fields through their imaginative approach. They perform wonderfully in dance, writing and et al. Have systematic goal to make things smoother. Artists are independent thinkers and trained in generalizing ideas. You should be systematic in your creative work so that whatever you create becomes a masterpiece. There are many career options in it to choose from teaching art, working in an advertising office, starting creative ventures or writing in public relations firms. nnNumerous options for the attention deficit disorder or ADHD-friendly jobs are here. Don’t make this list final and look for hundreds of other options. Most important aspect while you choose a job is self preparation. Introspect and know your strengths as well as weaknesses particularly when you suffer from ADD/ADHD. Make sure that you have made up your mind to attend an interview after considering such aspects carefully. The possibility is that you choose a job which doesn’t suit your specific ADD criteria, but you can still prefer them which satisfies your urge.nnIf you still cannot figure out the direction you should take, you might consider finding a career specialist or a vocational psychologist. These are professionals who are trained to help you narrow your search, and match your interests and abilities with the right career. Just don’t forget to mention your ADD or ADHD, and be sure to explain in as much detail as possible how it might affect your working life!

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