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ACT! Real Estate and Peachtree Integration Enables You to Boost Real Estate Sales

04.24.2010 · Posted in Humanities Articles

Sage Software has been developing constructive business software for many years, such as Peachtree, ACT!, MAS90 Software, etc. And one thing that makes Sage products stand head and shoulders above the rest is the customization of the software to meet the needs of various sectors of business. This flexibility and adaptability can make the difference in taking your business to the next level. Basic ACT! software can be integrated with Peachtree, but to further the user’s benefits, there is now an ACT! Real Estate program that can be integrated to maximize Peachtree capabilities for realtors. If you buy/sell real estate, let’s look at some ways ACT! Real Estate and Peachtree can enhance your business.rnrnSee the Big Picture for ClientsrnrnOne benefit you’ll notice right off hand is ACT! Real Estate takes your Peachtree data and includes it with your buyer/seller information by linking the two software applications. This gives you a view of the “big picture” for each buyer and seller so you can know at any given moment where your prospects are on the real estate “totem pole.” Is this buyer ready to buy now or considering a home purchase within a year or two? Is this seller RED HOT to sell their home now, or just seeking advice for the possibility of a home sale in the future? Can this buyer and seller be put together for a possible close? rnrnKnowing the status of each buyer and seller can help you and your associates better communicate when someone calls your office. All the information will be available in your ACT! Real Estate program, so no matter who answers the phone in your office, that person can readily assist the customer. This also takes a load off your customers because they won’t have to explain their entire situation every time they call for updates! rnrnAs your customer’s situation changes, you can update this information in your computer system. For example, your customer decides he can afford a higher priced home than originally planned or vice versa. Or, he decides to seek a home in a different type of neighborhood. A seller might decide to lower his price or offer owner financing to speed up the sales process. As a customer’s situation changes, your ACT! Real Estate and Peachtree software will securely keep all the data at your fingertips. rnrnAnd to greater add to the benefits, you’ll be able to keep targeted communication flowing with prospects through letter templates, e-mail and real estate specific flyers. Send promotions to prospective clients based on their real estate needs.rnrnACT! Real Estate integrated with Peachtree gives you an edge on scheduling as well. Never forget a call again, or miss a home showing or contract signing. Keep your daily schedule at your fingertips, and send reminders to clients about their appointments. As your business grows, being able to keep scheduling under tight control will be essential to your team’s success. Customers can easily hop from one real estate agent to the next without giving it a second thought, so one missed appointment can cost you a big sale.rnrnHow to Get StartedrnrnTo embark on ACT! Real Estate’s amazing capabilities, you’ll need to purchase Peachtree software (such as Peachtree Quantum) and ACT! Software. The two will need to be linked together, and then customer data can be transported from Peachtree to ACT! You may already have Peachtree software with customer information, so this will make the process go smoother. ACT! can also be integrated with MAS90 software, MAS 200 accounting software, QuickBooks Enterprise and others so you are not limited in how you can use it.rnrnPeachtree training is available online, in the classroom (for certain locations), or one-on-one at your place of business. Training can help you learn how to integrate the two software programs and set it up properly for your real estate business. You’ll never regret adding this useful software. Start saving time and money while giving your buyers and sellers the personal touch they desire when working with a realtor!

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