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A small child tried to fight Gritty

03.28.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Gritty has been attacked by yet another small child. The Philadelphia Flyers mascot got into a scuffle with a young hockey player during a "Mites on Ice" kids' game on Wednesday. (The games take place during NHL intermissions.) The fight began when Gritty threw the child's catch glove into the crowd, which was rude enough to make the kid hit Gritty with his goalie stick several times. "Look out, Gritty!" shouted the announcer amid the howls of amused fans.

About a minute into the attack, Gritty was able to wrench the stick away from his assailant and hoist him onto his back. According to Sports Illustrated, the child spent the rest of the game in the locker room. Read more... More about Funny, Kids, Viral Videos, Hockey, and Gritty

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