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  • Writing a Newspaper Article - Tips in Writing a Newspaper Article  By : Sean R Mize
    Writing articles for newspapers require different level of writing skill. It's a must that you're very familiar with the acceptable writing format and that you know the elements that you need to use by heart. If you're a reporter, I am pretty sure that...
  • How to write a persuasive essay (new)  By : Mr. Jordan Kavoosi
    Student life is quite tough. It poses a lot of challenges for teenagers who try to joggle their academics and extracurricular activities together. But oftentimes, the workload of school work makes them want to have some fun thus, they are more interested in joining various group activities and events. This makes them forget about the more important matters in hand such as home works, deadlines, assignments, research and term papers, and essay writings. This is also the reason why more and more s
  • Easy Article Writing - Easy Steps for Writing Award-Winning Articles  By : Sean R Mize
    You don't need to be a rocket scientist to create award-winning articles. You see, contrary to popular beliefs, producing compelling articles is relatively easy. You can do it even if you don't have relevant experience and even if you don't have a degree in communication or journalism. You just have to be...
  • Blog Article Writing - Writing Articles for Your Blog  By : Sean R Mize
    Just like your business website, your blog also needs high quality content. As you know, this is what will drive interested people to your blog. There are some things that...
  • Excelling in Article Writing - A Comprehensive Guide Part 2  By : Sean R Mize
    This is as continuation of the Comprehensive Guide for excelling in Article Writing began in part one...
  • Write A Picture!  By : mohd
    It can take quite a leap to get from the written word to a movie screen.
    A screenplay, for all its clear descriptions of where characters are and what they say, has to work hard to meet the dramatic immediacy that we expect from films.
  • 5 Keys to Unlock the Waitlist Lock...  By : montu singh
    Being wait-listed is tough, and you need the right set of keys to open the door to your dream program. The truth is that even with these keys, it's still not guaranteed that the lock will work. But this keychain has the critical pieces of metal you'll need to turn that lock.
    First, a word of introduction: Realize that receiving a wait-list letter means you qualify for admission. You pass. You are probably on the wait-list (and not admitted) because they have already admitted applicants with you
  • 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Generate Story Ideas & 5 Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal  By : rockstar
    There are many ways you can generate ideas you can use for your stories, articles and other creative pieces. Start with the three ways given below:
    1. Put Your 5 Senses to Work
    A simple but effective way to generate fresh ideas from a single concept, idea or object is to describe or illustrate it using the 5 senses -- sight, smell, touch, taste, sound.
    For you to do: Generate 5 specific images or concrete examples (one example for each sense) for the following:
    • Vindication (what's the smel
  • Excelling in Article Writing - A Comprehensive Guide Part 1  By : Sean R Mize
    Every internet marketer would like to know the ins and outs of article writing. This is because these people are aware that using high quality articles is the best way to succeed in the online arena. Great content are favored by both online users and search engines. Thus, this can lead to more traffic and higher page ranking. Not only that...
  • Article Writing Tips - 7 Steps to Improve Your Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    There is only one way to improve the quality of your articles and that is to improve your writing skills. Here's how you can do that....
  • Article Writing Guidelines - The Basic Don'ts of Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    It's tough out there. Did you read the companion article about the do's of article writing? Here are some things you should stay away from to increase your chances of success....
  • Article Writing Guidelines - The Basic Do's of Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    With the stiff competition in the online arena, it can really get challenging to excel in the field of article writing. However, you can increase your chances if you're aware of the things that you can do when writing your articles....
  • Article Writing Guide - Steps to Improve Your Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    Although article writing is a pretty simple task, it's very important for you to know its ins and outs. You can do this by simply reading relevant online resources. Right now, there are so many blogs, articles, websites, ezines, and ebooks tha...
  • Article Writing - Secrets to Supercharge Your Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    You too can easily create compelling articles that will brand you as an expert in your chosen niche. Get these articles published and you'll easily increase your online credibility by up to a hundredfold in no time. Before you can make this happen though, you will need to...
  • Section Directorys moreover Article Marketing and Submission - A Individual Manner Backlink to Traffic  By : Christopher Cuyahoga
    Lets take a look at the fundamentals of Article Backlink building. What you need to know, Also how to implement that in your Internet Marketing practices. Actually getting your articles published is the easy part.

    It's writing and implementing your articles that can be the tricky part. Once you have a basic idea of what you want to say. Then you can start to create your articles and get in front of your readers. It's very important not to make your articles look like spam at all. This will turn off the article directory's and those who will find your content useful. Use proper spacing and be clear on what you want to say.

    Start out by giving a good summary of your article. What you are going to do for your readers. Do your best to keep them interested, Keeping there interest now means they will most likely enjoy whatever you happen to be writing. A good short or longer to the point phrase will keep them happy with your content. When they are interested in what your saying, That will bring them to your site. I recommend around 30-100 word summary.
  • Article Writing Guidelines - Guidelines for Writing Exceptional Articles  By : Sean R Mize
    So, you've been wanting to write your articles but don't know how to get started. You keep asking yourself what can you write about and how can you make your articles really, really effective? Well, you can find all the answers ...
  • Article Writing for SEO Guide to Keyword Writing for Search Engine-Friendly Articles  By : Sean R Mize
    As someone who's trying to make money online, it's important that you know how to create informative and search engine-friendly articles. This is to impress both the search engines and ...
  • Article Writing - Advance in Internet Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    Make your first paragraph meaty and explosive. Kick-start your articles by telling your readers what kind of information they can expect to get from your content. What I recommend is that you use a question that you commonly get from your target audience and tell your readers how you're going to answer this later on. By doing this...
  • Article Writing Skill- 11 Steps to Gain Exceptional Article Writing Skills  By : Sean R Mize
    Great, exceptional writing skills are one of the pre-requisites to excel in the field of article writing. Many people believe that article writing is an overwhelming task and that is it something that is only for natural-born writers. Well, this isn't true. Anyone can write great articles as long as they're willing to learn and as long as ...
  • Article Writing Opportunities – How to Make Money With Articles  By : Sean R Mize
    Perhaps, the best benefit that internet has offered us is it made us more self-reliant. Today, more and more people are looking for how-to articles instead of hiring professionals to do things for them. It saves them time and money. As how-to articles are very in-demand these days, you can actually...
  • How To Make Money Freelance Writing  By : Rick Lim
    Although there are a wide variety of places where you can appear as a freelance writer and showcase your portfolio, you must have to follow some strict deadlines and of course you must write according to the subject specification as stated by the clients.
  • Article Writing Help – Tips and Ideas for Writing Articles  By : Sean R Mize
    If you're just like any internet marketer, I am sure that you've got a lot on your plate that 24 hours a day aren't enough to do all your related tasks. Thus, it would help if you learn the best things to speed up the processes so you can maximize your time. In this article, I wish to share with you the fastest way to write your articles that...
  • Article Writing Tips – Methods for Impacting Your Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    As an article writer, you surely want to be able to produce explosive articles that will help you make a mark in this field. You would want to write articles that are exceptionally great and those that online users will be happy to spend their time on. Quality is the most important element in article writing. You see, no matter how many articles you write...
  • A Web Article Writing Guide  By : Sean R Mize
    Are you having a hard time writing articles that you can use on your website and on your article marketing campaign? Then, this web article writing guide is for you so, read on!
  • What’s the difference with this contest?  By : SaratBGDaniel
    The Blogfest 2005 Writing Contest has only been running for two weeks and already the results are overwhelming. And not because we’re getting far more entries than we expected. It’s because along with entries, we’re also getting heartfelt messages from writers all over the world. I’ve run a few contests before and received quite a few entries, but I’ve never been personally emailed and thanked by so many writers.
  • Writing a Great Conclusion  By : Jordan11
    Writing some words on a piece of paper is one of the easiest things that anyone will ever do. However, arranging those words so that they are not only intelligible, but worth something to posterity is entirely different. You need to know how to write an essay and make it stand out because your instructor will read a bevy that don’t because they’re the usual fare.
  • Online Article Writing - The Do's And Don'ts of Online Article Writing  By : Sean R Mize
    Keep these guidelines in mind each time you write your articles to ensure that you'll be able to connect with your target market, drive more traffic to your website, obtain the exposure you need, and ultimately, become more successful...
  • How Write A Research Paper  By : charu102
    Writing skills are essential for succeeding in high school, college, and at a job. Writing is not just an end result, but also a process that helps us develop our ideas and think logically. Begin by brainstorming topics, collecting information, taking a lot of notes, and asking a lot of questions. Keep your notes and sources organized as you go.
  • How To Find Freelance Copywriting Jobs  By : NITIN AHUJA
    Your goal is to land a few nice, secure freelance copywriting jobs, but how do you get them? The most important factor in finding these jobs is that you pursue the job you are looking for with all of your ducks in a row, so to speak. Here are a few things you need to do in order to get the freelance copywriting jobs that you have been looking for.
  • Writing is communication Powerful way of success  By : shiv12
    Whether you are working for a small business, large corporation, or are a student, there are numerous sources that you can turn to for help with writing. Businesses need to be able to effectively communicate with their customers, their employees and their potential customers. Effective verbal communication is equally important, but nonverbal communication in the form of copy writing, article writing, press release writing, and more requires a certain level of expertise and experience. The typica

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