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  • Matching Champagne And Food  By : Louise Truswell
    Champagne is regularly served as an aperitif or as a toast at the end of a meal, so it is often overlooked when it comes to food. However, because Champagne is naturally acidic, it makes a really good food match - and not just for oysters and caviar as you might expect, but for a number of different foods.
  • How To Buy A Bottle Of Wine. Made Easy  By : Louise Truswell
    If you are new to wine, you’ll soon find that the choice is endless when it comes to buying a bottle of wine – you’ll come across styles, prices and quality at all levels. But if you are keen to bag yourself a decent bottle of wine (and at a decent price), you need to be savvy with your wine choices.
  • Searching For A Restaurant In Norwich?  By : Kris Smith
    When it comes to eating out, many people find it hard to know where to start when looking for a good restaurant in Norwich. The problem is not a lack of great establishments, but the vast array of places to choose from! As a City, Norwich really does have something to tantalise everyone’s taste buds!
  • Understanding The World Of Champagne  By : Louise Truswell
    With almost 300 Champagne houses producing Champagne in the Champagne region, there’s potential for a lot of bottles to be produced each year. Around 320 million to be precise!
  • Get The Most From Your White Wine  By : Louise Truswell
    White wine is incredibly versatile and makes the ideal drink for a dinner party, celebration or, simply, for sipping with friends or family. And the good news is that, even if you don’t know much about white wine, it’s really easy to get the best from it. Follow these simple tips and you can’t go wrong.
  • How To Get The Most From Your Red Wine  By : Louise Truswell
    If you like red wine but don’t know much about it, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we look at some handy tips for buying and serving red wine.
  • Wine Can Make The Perfect Present  By : Mark Hooson
    The have an extensive range with interesting mixed cases for simple ‘thank you’ wine gifts as well as fine wine for when you want something truly impressive.
  • Wines To Make The Perfect Dessert  By : Fiona Muller
    This article discusses dessert wines and why they are a great thing to enjoy at the end of a meal. Forget the port, try a sweet rich dessert wine for a change!
  • Hold Your Own Wine-Tasting Party  By : Fiona Muller
    Why not make an evening a celebration by holding a wine tasting party? It is great fun and you learn about wine whilst drinking with your friends. This article gives you a few ideas on how to hold a wine tasting evening.
  • South American Wines  By : Fiona Muller
    This article discusses South American wines and concentrates on the great viticulture of Argentina and Chile. These New World wines have been developed over hundreds of years but are only now becoming known to the British palate.
  • Fine Wines  By : Fiona Muller
    The sale of fine wines in the UK has grown over the last few years due to increased wine knowledge and the fact that more people can see that it is a good investment prospect. This article gives an overview of fine wines and some tips on how to avoid the fraudsters.
  • How To Get The Best From Your Rosé  By : Louise Truswell
    Rosé has enjoyed a major revival in recent years and currently is a very popular wine choice. Light and fruity, Rosé wine looks good and is easy to drink. Follow our simple tips below to make sure you get the most from it.
  • Food And Wine – White Wine  By : Fiona Muller
    Food and wine go great together but it is often difficult to match a wine with a food type. This article talks about white wines and which go well with certain foods.
  • Why Buy Organic Wine?  By : Louise Truswell
    If there is one form of farming that is suited to being organic, it has to be growing vines. Vines are brilliant because of their hardiness – they’ll flourish in grotty soils and go weeks without rain. But does going organic make a better wine? Read on to find out how organic wines stand apart from normal wines.
  • Summer Ideas With Wine  By : Fiona Muller
    Wine is a great summer drink. In fact it is so versatile that whatever your taste you are bound to find something you like. This article talks about summer wines and give you some tips on using wine in different ways.
  • Food And Wine – Red Wine  By : Fiona Muller
    Red Wine is great with a variety of foods. This article gives a few suggestions of wines and foods that go together well. Whatever your favourite food is there is bound to be a wine that goes with it.
  • Drinking Wine With Friends  By : Fiona Muller
    This article discusses the best wines to drink with friends and suggests wines for certailn occassions. In fact whatever the occasion there will be a wine that is perfect for it.
  • Show Me The Sherry!  By : Mark Hooson
    Supermarkets and wine merchants have both reported recent growth in sales of crisp Fino and Manzanilla sherry.
  • Virgin Wines’ Discovery Wine Club – The Clever Way To Buy Wine  By : Louise Truswell
    Let’s just say, you’d be crazy not to join the Virgin Wines’ Discovery Wine Club. Boutique wines, a personalised service and all the flexibility from a wine club that you could possibility need. Do you know of any other wine club offering these benefits?
  • Red Wine – A Classic Taste For Any Time  By : Fiona Muller
    When it comes to buying red wine there are lots of different varieties on the market to choose from. This article gives you a quick overview of the main types of grapes used in red wine production. Hopefully it will help you when you come to buy your next bottle!
  • Beat The Budget Everyday Of The Week!  By : Fiona Muller
    When it comes to buying wine online, stick to an independent retailer, not only will it save you money, but you will also be able to buy wine that other retailers can only dream about selling.
  • Why Should You Join a Wine Club?  By : Louise Truswell
    Not sure what wines to buy? Looking for a regular supply of wines direct to your door? Wine clubs have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer a number of benefits when it comes to buying wine.
  • Why Buy From An Online Wine Retailer?  By : Louise Truswell
    When it comes to buying wine there’s a lot of choice out there, with supermarkets, independent wine shops, wine mail order companies and online wine retailers all vying for a share of the market. Recent reports are beginning to suggest that the High Street has seen its heyday, in favour of the Internet.
  • Averys Celebration Of Wine 2007  By : Duncan White
    Averys own biannual tasting, held in our historic cellars has been growing in popularity over the last few years, so much so that we had to triplicate our Christmas tasting last year to accommodate demand.
  • French Wine Can Cost Over 1000 Per Bottle  By : Martyn Davis
    Wine is undoubtedly one of the great national treasures of France, and some of the most expensive in the world, like a vintage Romanee Conti red wine produced in Burgundy can set you back anything upwards of 1,000 for just one bottle.
  • Wine Gift Giving 202  By :
    Shopping for the nationality in your life is on no occasion easy is it? Of course not, and it seem like the more you care about this person the harder they are to shop for nondiscriminatory? Of course, s what can you get the person who has just about everything? A wine gift wicker basket.
  • Wine Gift Giving 101  By :
    Shopping for the populace in your life is by no means easy is it? Of course not, and it seem like the more you care about this person the they are to shop for appropriate? Of course, s what can you get the person who has just about everything? A wine gift wicker basket.
  • Keg Hire is Perfect  By : Peter James..
    Have you found the need to have a party or celebration to get your friends together? Are you looking to hire a keg service to provide your party with drinks? There is a company called Rent A Bar that will be the best choice for you. They have been used for keg hire services for many different types of functions or events. There is no gathering that cannot be made better using Rent A Bar.
  • Bordeaux - Wine Capital of the World  By : Antonio Bonito..
    The famous French city of Bordeaux is located on the coast of South-West France, in the department of Gironde, and the Region of Aquitaine. In Bordeaux you will encounter the Bordelais (men of the city) and the Bordelaise (their lady counterparts). The city itself is traversed by the large and majestic River Garonne as it makes its way into the sea.
  • Pouring The Perfect Wine Glass 101  By :
    To pour the perfect glass of wine you must take several steps: Temperature Of The Wine: The temperature at which a wine is served makes an immense impact on its taste.

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