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  • Eating Habits: What We Learn as We Live  By : Michael Bens
    Itís 7:00 am, and youíre late for work. You decide to just simply skip breakfast, and have a snack later, around midmorning. Your kids decide they donít want breakfast, either.
  • Metabolism and Eating Habits  By : Michael Bens
    The bodyís metabolism is a unique process for each individual person. No two people metabolize food at the same rate therefore no two people have the metabolism. We all use our calories at different rates, with different results.
  • Is your Body Image Realistic?  By : Michael Bens
    While it is true that many of us, in this day and age, have a genuine need to lose weight, it is also true that there are many more women on diets than really need to be. The fact is, women have a tendency to see themselves as fat even if they arenít.
  • It's That Time of Year  By : Jan Wilhelm
    Every year we make New Years Resolutions about diet and fitness. Perhaps this will help you keep your resolutions.
  • Get A Slimmer Look With The Proper Outfit  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    We are all aware that diet and exercise are the best approach to improve our shape and make it leaner. But is there an easier approach to look slim and trim?
    Yes, there is an easier way to look leaner! Choose clothes that give you appearance to look thinner.
    How to dress to give yourself a Leaner Look
  • Lowering Your Calorie Intake, Eating Healthier  By : Michael Bens
    The foods of the food pyramid are necessary for our optimal health. But in what quantities and which ones are the best? These are questions that must be tailored to our individual needs.
  • Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    Bernard Jensen, a very famous iridologist, first came up with a very important phrase that is revered by all alternative health practitioners - "Death begins in the colon."
  • "As Seen On T.V." Weight Loss Supplements: Buyer Beware!  By : Paul Crane
    This article details the dangers inherent with buying "As Seen On T.V." weight loss products and supplements.
  • Foods That Cause Cravings  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    When you are on a diet, cravings are sure to strike. The three most common cravings are cravings for sugar, fat and salt.
    Sugar is considered by many diet experts to be an addiction as dangerous as nicotine or even heroin.
  • Can Hoodia Help You Lose Weight ?  By : Ken Black
    How can Hoodia help you lose weight, or is there more to it than that?
  • Some Interesting Facts About Hoodia  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant, which is gaining attention as a powerful weapon in the struggle against weight loss and obesity.
  • The Top Ten Ways to Boost Your Metabolism  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    Boosting your metabolism requires faith, self-discipline and a willingness to change. This is because most slow metabolisms are the result of years of bad habits and a reluctance to adopt a healthier life style.
  • 5 Steps To A Better Body That Anyone Can Take  By : Kathryn ONeill
    If only there were a 'better body boot camp', we'd be there every April - before spring started to show itself and those lovely winter jackets had to come off. Although this isn't a better body boot camp, this article can offer you 5 practical steps to a better body that anyone can take.
  • America's Secret Addiction  By : Virginia Bola
    We hang on every word about the recovery and relapse of our celebrities but the most widespread, self-destructive, dangerous addiction afflicting America is never discussed: FOOD.
  • Will Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight?  By :
    For years, doctors have known the result of using diet pills and the risks increase the longer the pills are used.
  • How to Determine the Number of Calories You Need  By :
    Many studies over many years have determined the average number of calories needed to sustain life and to lose weight.
  • Do You Know Why You're Overweight?  By :
    The reasons for being overweight are very simple, but most of us are not aware of those simple reasons.
  • Bariatric Wheelchairs  By : MSEC
    According to the latest data from the National Center for Health Statistics, 30 percent of American adults 20 years of age and older (over 60 million people) are obese.
  • Bariatric Scales  By : MSEC
    Treating and managing obesity has created a demand for bariatric equipment in recent years and the need for bariatric scales has increased significantly. Due to the nature of obesity, a bariatric patient may require special assistance from their healthcare providers and the equipment they use.
  • 10 Tips to Avoid the Holiday Bulge and Inner Thoughts About Them  By : john long
    Do you find it almost impossible to stay conscious and contentious about weight and nutrition during the holidays?
  • Dieting Your Way to Stress Relief - The Right Diet Can Make All The Difference  By : Brooke Hayles
    Stress is everywhere in life. Overcoming it is the key to happiness. Right diet helps in stress relief. They make our systems more stable. Foods that give a temporary high should be avoided as they harm us more.
  • Increase Your Metabolism Through Exercise  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    If you believe that the excess weight around your waistline is a product of poor metabolism, you are probably right. Low levels of metabolism are indeed a serious cause of keeping those extra fat cells trapped in your body. But do not panic.
  • Are You an Emotional Eater?  By : Katie Jay
    Peggy really wants to be healthy. She had weight loss surgery in hopes of getting rid of type II diabetes and sleep apnea, and she has made some progress. If only she could resist the snacking.
  • Eating And Exercize To Improve Your Health  By : Joshua Spaulding
    Anytime you exercise, you do so in order to try and maintain good health. You also know that you have to eat as well, so your body will have the energy it needs to exercise and maintain for the everyday tasks of life. For making the best of your exercise, what you eat before and after you workout is very important.
  • Fighting Cellulite With Aromatherapy  By : Heather Colman
    In today's world, fashion means everything. Many women are living lives that promote health and beauty. They get plenty of sleep every night, eat right, and get plenty of exercise. However, they are still plagued with unsightly cellulite.
  • Weight Loss Tips That Help You Create A Thin, Yet Healthy Body  By : Patricia Zelkovsky
    Nutrition is important to maintain health and to prevent disease and death. Disorders caused by nutritional deficiency, overeating, or eating poorly balanced meals are among the leading causes of illness and death in the United States today. The three leading causes of death are related, in part, to consequences of unhealthy nutrition: heart disease, cancer, and stroke.
  • Is Your Metabolism Broken?  By : Vanessa Sharp
    Should you lose weight fast or slow? Popular TV shows display incredible weekly weight loss -- is it safe? Let's explore!
  • An Introduction To Eating Disorders  By : Simone Butler
    Eating disorders are one of those groups of illnesses which aren't always taken too seriously by the uninformed. The truth is that they can be devastating to the sufferer, both physically and mentally. Find out more so that you can recognize a problem before it gets out of hand.
  • Obesity Treatment and Complete Cure  By : Juliet Cohen
    Obesity is one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. Obesity is defined simply as too much body fat. It is different from being overweight, which means weighing too much.
  • The Issue Of Obesity  By : Scotch Q. Ennis
    The term obesity is thrown about frequently, but what specifically is obesity? Basically, obesity means exceptionally over weight. Obesity is a quite prevalent physical state, with just about a third of US men and women -- roughly sixty million people -- afflicted, and about one billion people afflicted around the world.

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