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  • Can Contact Lenses Cause Eye Infections  By : Ross Thomson
    Wearing contact lenses offers a host of advantages over wearing prescription glasses. But it is also a fact that improper use of lenses can cause damage to your eyes. Here are a few simple tips you can bear in mind to ensure that your contacts don’t cause harm to your eyes.
  • Cataract surgery results  By : Owen Zoey
    A 'cataract' is the clouding of the eye that can result in impaired vision as well as the altered appearance of the eye.
  • Causes and Treatments for Eye Pain  By : Emily Hernandez
    When you are experiencing eye pain, you should not waste time to address it. Either you do some home care techniques or you see your eye doctor in Arizona.
  • Change your eye color with Freshlook Colorblends and Sharingan Contacts  By : Cesar Muler
    Lenses can do wonders to your eyes. They are not only excellent substitutes for specs, but they also add a lot of cosmetic beauty to your eyes. When you go through some of the revolutionary products in the domain of lenses, you are bound to be surprised. Freshlook Colorblends and Sharingan Contacts are two such lenses. The former can make subtle changes to your eyes and the latter can make a whole lot of difference to your eyes.
  • Choosing The Best Lasik Eye Surgeon  By : Linda Moore
    Let's not forget that doctors as a rule are very aware of their limitations and talents. Some however, may not be so responsible and seeing "easy money," may be willing to perform operations they aren't completely qualified to do.
  • Cloudy Eyes: The Cataract Problem  By : James Monahan
    In the United States, cataract operations are among the most common surgeries performed with over 1.5 million performed every year.
  • Color Contact Lenses - How to Find Best Contacts  By :
    Selecting color contact lenses can be tricky. Lenses that look great on one person might look awful in another person's eyes. How would you choose best color contacts? Here are some tips.
  • Color Contacts – 7 Tips to Get the Best Ones  By : Tatyana Turner
    Color contacts can really brighten your look and your life, but selecting the perfect pair is not as easy as it sounds. We will tell you everything you need to know about color contact lenses.
  • Colored Contact Lenses – Guidelines and Expectations  By : Grant B. Lee
    Pay attention to the guidelines issued by the Food and Drug Administration regarding contact lenses and how to wear them. Listen to advice from licensed eye doctors as well. If you choose to acquire the affordable contact lenses, make sure that you have an updated and valid prescription.
  • Colored Contact Lenses. A Good Idea?  By : Emanuele Allenti
    One of the more subtle fashion statements you can make is to wear colored contact lenses. Your friends will almost certainly notice something different about you, but will they spot what it is?
  • Common Laser Eye Surgery Questions  By : Kelly Wheeler
    Many people are exceptionally nervous about laser eye surgery. From the idea of having a laser pointed towards one’s eye to the costs and risks involved, laser eye surgery comes with many questions. The reality is that, as long as it is performed by an experienced professional, this type of surgery is in fact extremely safe and can have the most incredible results.
  • Computer Eye Strain & Meibomian Gland Dysfunction  By : Samer Hamada
    Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD, can be caused by many factors and one of these is from computer eye strain. Luckily, taking some small steps in how you use a computer or other devices can help the symptoms. In this article, I will go through what computer eye strain is, how it can cause MGD and what you can do to help it.
  • Conjunctivitis; What Is It  By : Samer Hamada
    Conjunctivitis is a very common eye condition that many people get and it is often called pink eye or red eye. It affects the conjunctiva, which is the top layer of tissue that covers the surface of the eye. Symptoms can include; inflammation, redness, itchiness, eye watering, and a sticky layer on the eyelashes/eyelids which can dry and become crusty, especially overnight. Conjunctivitis normally affects both eyes.
  • Contact Lens Common Sense  By : Dr. Don Miller
    Contact lenses are worn safely by millions of people. However, ignorance, laziness, stupidity can cause eye irritations and blindness. Don't be foolish with vision corrections.
  • Contact Lens Overuse, Irritation and Safety Tips  By : Charles Kassotis
    Know the warning signs of contact lens overuse to prevent eye irritation and infection.
  • Contact Lens Review Sites  By : Ahmed Fouad
    There are many reasons for buying contacts online. Some people buy contact lenses online for the great deals and others for the great contact lens coupons you can find. However, most people have chosen to start buying discount contact lens online for the great reviews.
  • Contact Lenses - Facts And Shopping Tips  By : Helen Hecker
    Be careful about buying cheap contact lenses, they may not be the quality you want; discounted quality contact lenses are the most desirable.
  • Contact Lenses Have Come A Long Way  By : Melvin Ng
    Nearly one out of every 10 Americans wears contact lenses today. Those numbers, when you consider the options are fairly staggering.
  • Contact Lenses Have Many Benefits  By : Melvin Ng
    In this day and age of augmentations, tucks, lifts, and Botox, it's no wonder that contact lenses still remain wildly popular options when it comes to eye sight correction.
  • Contact Lenses Information for Beginners  By : Tom Disouza
    Information on contact lenses for beginners. If you are going to use contact lenses then you should know about the types and uses of contact lenses, advantages and adverse effects of contact lenses.
  • Contact Lenses or Spectacles?  By : Dr. Don Miller
    Contact Lenses or Spectacles? Contrary to what many folks say, that question still does not have a single answer.
  • Contact Lenses Versus Eyeglasses: What Is Best For You?  By : Omar S. Soto
    Many people claim that contacts are comparatively safe to use than ordinary eyeglasses. There are also assertions that contact lenses can be both aesthetic and restorative. However, there are certain risks brought about by the wearing of contact lenses such as possible eye injuries and loss of sight.
  • Contact Lenses – Functionality, Comfort and Eye Safety  By : Omar S. Soto
    More people are opting for contact lenses. One reason is that ordinary eyeglasses are no longer trendy. In fact, these can even make you look older. Spectacles are also heavy and can cause unsightly marks near the bridge of your nose.
  • Corneal Refractive Therapy Contact Lenses, A Less Known But Powerful Solution For Myopia  By : Emanuele Allenti
    Many people wear contact lenses for short sightedness or myopia. They are a great way to correct your eyesight without having to wear glasses. Many others choose to have their vision improved by having laser eye surgery. But there is a way to make your vision better without having to start the day by putting on glasses or contact lenses and without having to have surgery.
  • Corrective Eye Devices  By : Rob S. Fort
    Contact lenses are perceived to possess superior corrective abilities. These eye devices were created primarily to improve the vision of people with problematic eyes. Said lenses are now fairly popular and turning out to be the choice of former eyeglass wearers.
  • Costs for Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses  By : Dr. Don Miller
    A brief review of how normal eye-care prices are made can help in choosing sources.
  • Different Acuvue contact lenses to choose from  By : Julia Bennet
    Acuvue contact lenses are in high demand all over the world. The Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are often preferred today.
  • Different Types of LASIK Surgery  By : Brian J Miller
    Everyone’s eyes are different. A pre-procedure consultation with an experienced surgeon will help you determine which is the most suitable for your needs from all the types of LASIK surgery. After choosing the right option, you will be able to learn more about the cost of LASIK eye surgery.
  • Discount Contacts for Prudent Individuals  By : Grant B. Lee
    There are pricey contact lenses. Not everyone can buy these eye devices. However, these lenses may be the best eye devices for them. Despite prohibitive costs, many average income earners have resorted to wearing contacts over the traditional eyeglasses.
  • Disposable Contact Lenses And Traditional Contact Lenses Compared  By : Emanuele Allenti
    People use disposable contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Although a fairly recent innovation when compared to standard contact lenses they have still been around for nearly twenty years. Although not every condition is suitable they are now available for nearly as many conditions and variables as standard contact lenses.

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