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  • Where to Take a Trip  By : Fred Jones
    Summer is almost over and the golden time to take a tour is coming to an end. But it is not too late to start planning for it. Taking a break away from your work and your surrounding will not only refresh you both physically and mentally, it will give you greater insight on life and a valuable experience and memory to keep.
  • Easier Access to Tourism  By : Fred Jones
    Tourism today has become a trend. Some of us are even living next to tourist attraction; we have the ideal stereotype of a traveler with camera, hat and a souvenir T-shirt from the tourist site. You might even be reading this in a hotel room taking a break from your trip.
  • Charlie's angels in London  By : Limotek
    The angels had an hour’s cruise and were dropped off outside an exclusive club, people’s heads where turning as 16 hot ladies came out of the pink hummer limousine. The bouncers of the club were even shocked as the angels started to walk into the club.
  • Jahorina - a popular destination near Sarajevo  By : rollyrees
    Jahorina is a mountain in south-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, partly in the Republika Srpska and partly in the Federation entity (stretches through corridor and Gorazde canton). It is found directly to the southeast of Sarajevo, bordering Bjelasnica mountain. Jahorina is 1913 meters (6276 feet) tall, putting in the middle of the Sarajevo mountains height wise.
  • Traveling with Children in New York City  By : Leo S
    If utilizing a travel website for a family trip/vacation to NYC, it’s best to decide ahead of time if the trip will be cultural, entertaining, informational, or a mix. Don’t feel the need to do touristy activities; plan what your family will really enjoy. Be realistic with time frames, and allow one hour more than you’d expect for everything.
  • African Safari: The silent killer.  By : Natural
    The silent killers, the night stalker, the versatile hunter... not forgetting 'master of deception' and other names, have been used to describe this cat. As I promised you last season, this time ....................
  • Limos in the Scotland area  By : Limotek
    There are plenty of superb limos available for hire in the Scotland region. On the same level as limo hire London, the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen have a great range of limos including a range of Hummer H2's, Jeep Excursion limos, stretch Lincoln Town Cars, Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limos, Fire Engine limos and Range Rover Sport limousine.
  • Ideas for limousine hire  By : Limotek
    The most popular events or occasions for limousine hire are birthdays, hen nights, stag nights, corporate events, airport transfers, weddings and school proms. These events are universally recognised in the limousine industry as being the key occasions where a limousine is most commonly used. Indeed many limousines such as the pink Hummer H2 limousine or pink stretch Lincoln Town Car are used almost exclusively for hen nights or girlie birthdays.
  • Vintage is the way forward for limos  By : Limotek
    Do you have a passion for ‘vintage’…love the movie Gone With The Wind…love the sound of vintage cars for weddings and other special & beautiful occasions. Take a break from the norm, by driving a vintage limousine and stand out from the crowd, make those heads turn.
  • Bachelorette and bachelor parties  By : Limotek
    Bachelorette and bachelor parties are normally fun filled events where the peeps let down their hair and enjoy themselves to the fullest. These kinds of parties need careful planning to achieve the desired goal.
  • Pink limos in the UK  By : Limotek
    There are some amazing pink limousines available for rental in the UK in many different styles and types. Limo hire London has a fantastic selection with limos ranging from huge pink Hummer H2 limos and a unique 6 wheeler pink Lincoln Navigator limo to pink stretch Lincoln Town Cars and a pink Chrysler PT Cruiser limo.
  • Travel Ski Great Resorts  By : Ronald W. Firquain
    If you will be in Italy, you should definitely visit Italy ski resorts. Italy has some of the oldest skiing areas.
  • How to get the most value out of your hotel stay!  By : Mitzy
    We all know what it’s like: you need a holiday, so you’re looking for a nice hotel to get away from it all... maybe it’s a romantic weekend with the wife, or a treat for the kids. Whatever the case, it’s always the same: you scout around, looking at hotel prices... and then you need another holiday just to get over the shock that those expensive hotel prices gave you! Sound familiar?
    Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re smart about things, you can easily get value for money on your next hotel stay
  • Birthday limousines  By : Limotek
    A stretch limousine can be a great way to say happy birthday to a loved one, brother, sister, mum, dad, grandparents, friend or work colleague. It is such a nice gesture and will almost certainly be a fantastic surprise. A birthday is one of the most popular reasons for limo hire in the UK along with weddings, hen nights, stag nights, corporate events, airport transfers and school proms.
  • Stag night limo rental  By : Limotek
    The stag night is an important occasion in every guy’s life before they get married as it is likely to be the last night of freedom. There are plenty of ideas for stag nights ranging from trips abroad to activities such as paint balling and go-karting .
  • Limos in the North East  By : Limotek
    There are many different types and styles of limousines in the North East of England from stretch Lincoln Town Cars to Hummer H2 limos. The North East covers an area that comprises Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Tees Valley.
  • Limos on the South Coast  By : Limotek
    Limousines on the South Coast of England are as varied as anywhere else in the UK. The South Coast is defined as covering all areas from Dorchester in Dorset to Margate in Kent. This includes Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and Dover.
  • South West limos  By : Limotek
    There are many limousines available for rental in the South West of England in various types, styles and colours. The South West is the largest by area of all the regions of England and extends from Gloucestershire and Wiltshire to Cornwall.
  • Yorkshire limousines  By : Limotek
    There are some amazing limousines in the Yorkshire area available for all sorts of occasions and events. Yorkshire is actually the largest county in Great Britain comprising North, South, East and West Yorkshire.
  • Limos in Wales  By : Limotek
    There is an amazing selection of stretch limousines in Wales in a multitude of styles, types and colours and are hired for all occasions and events. The major towns and cities in Wales where limousines are usually hired include Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Wrexham and Bangor.
  • Window or Aisle – Airline seat tips  By : Leo S
    It’s a fact of life – nobody wants the middle seat, although somebody has to take it. On today’s typically overcrowded planes, one of your main concerns when flying is the seat you will be occupying, and how comfortable it will be. Most of the airlines can book tickets and assign seats almost a year in advance. When it comes to window or aisle seats, it’s really a matter of personal choice, as both have their advantages.
  • Dubai Hotels Set New Marks In Luxury  By : AlexDubai
    Dubai hotels' hospitality has grown by an amazing amount in the last two decades
  • Limousines in Leeds  By : Limotek
    There are plenty of amazing, cool and classy limousines available for hire in Leeds in many different types and colours. Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire and has won many accolades such as the 2004 favourite city award, Best English city to visit in 2005 and the Visitor city of the year in 2005.
  • The Quiet Side of Ibiza  By : Aoureliou Televko
    Ibiza may be known as a party island, but there is much more to this rock in the Balearics than nightclubs and dancing until the sun comes up. Ibiza city’s Old Town is worth a visit, and outside of the city’s limits there are a multitude of sights to visit away from the partying masses.
  • Benidorm Costa Blanca’s Party Capital  By : Larry
    Starting off by describing the atmosphere and surroundings of Benidorm, it then goes on to describe the situation of hotels and apartments to the night life. Visitors are mainly attracted to Benidorm because of its night life reputation. So a few of the most famous clubs, bars and pubs are touched upon. These include the KM Disco Garden, Gigolo's Disco and the Rockerfella's Fun Club.
  • Discovering the Beaches of Benidorm  By : Larry
    Known for its golden sands and cool Mediterranean waters, Benidorm’s six kilometre coastline is home to three popular beaches. The resort’s Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas beaches have been awarded Europe’s Blue Flag status and are ideal for young and old alike. The Levante and Poniente beaches cater to children and those with walking difficulties along with offering access to such water sports as jet skiing and waterskiing.
  • Limo stories  By : Limotek
    Limousines can be hired for any event or occasion but it is sometimes surprising just what they are used for. In addition limousine companies are very professional but sometimes events beyond their control can lead to things going very wrong.
  • The amazing Porsche Cayenne  By : Limotek
    The Porsche Cayenne comes in two models the manuals gear box and the Tiptronic S. When it comes to technical specifications both cars are very similar. The main differences are the gearbox; the Tiptronic S. is a paddle shift gearbox similar to the system used in most formula cars.
  • What I think of the limo fashion in the UK  By : Limotek
    The limousine industry in UK is a fantastic example of a great UK industry which is thriving. Do you ever wish you had a limousine to pick you up every day? Have you ever wished you could have your own limousine? Have you ever been out on a night on the town and seen a group enjoying themselves in a limousine.
  • The BMW X5 car is a special model  By : Limotek
    Do you like four wheel drive cars? Most people who do will appreciate the amazing BMW X5. Like all of the other BMW models the design of this car is very sleek and the design is very fashionable. It is typically available in black or dark grey colours.

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