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  • Roscommon: The Heart Of Celtic Ireland  By : Alistair White
    Visit Roscommon in the western hinterlands of Ireland to experience the true Celtic soul of Ireland. The old Irish ways linger here as the area was little touched by the Anglo-Norman invasion. You can discover authentic Ireland in the ancient burial mounds, tombs, castles and forts of Roscommon. More importantly, you can experience the Gaelic spirit in the congenial local pubs where the locals make time to chat to strangers.
  • Celebrating a Birthday in Rome, Italy  By : leon lumsden
    Celebrating your 21st birthday in an apartment in Rome, Italy can be a fun but stressful time if you've only lived in Rome for a year!
  • Holidaying in Scandinavia: Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki  By : Alistair White
    Lands of fjords and the midnight sun, Scandinavia is a realm where ancient sagas spring to life, stave churches cling to hills on forlorn shorelines, and the legacy of the Vikings still lingers.
  • Holidaying in South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban  By : Alistair White
    South Africa is a land finally moving ahead after a long period of troubles. It offers a magical tourist experience with its natural splendour, wildlife and pulsating cities.
  • Holidaying in South America: Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo  By : Alistair White
    South America: vast continent of jungles, rain forests and some of the world's most exciting cities. Miles and miles of fabulous beaches, soaring mountains and passionate culture that thrives on music and dance make the region a must for a holiday.
  • Holidaying in Broome: The Hidden Pearl of Western Australia  By : Alistair White
    If you want to experience another facet of Australia, head for Broome, an exotic oasis in the heart of the country's last great wilderness area.
  • The Benelux Countries  By : Alistair White
    Benelux is an economic union of three neighbouring monarchies - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Despite long-standing ties, each country's capital exudes its own unique charms.
  • Travelling through South America: Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires  By : Alistair White
    South America is home to lands of fierce mountainous beauty, traces of ancient civilisations, superb tropical coastlines, alluring food and music, and pulsating festivals - in short everything your need for the ultimate travel experience.
  • Holidaying in Southern Australia: Melbourne And Adelaide  By : Alistair White
    Southern Australia is an vast area of great contrasts with the land ranges from desert to plains to fertile wine-growing areas set amid rolling hills.
  • Travelling through the UK: Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow  By : Alistair White
    It can be easy to forget there's much more to the UK than just England. In fact, any true understanding of that island nation requires visits to the Celtic realms of Wales and Scotland.
  • Why Casinos Give Away Money, Food and Hotel Rooms.  By : Edward Curtis
    Casinos give out more in freebies every day then the casino games payout. All you need to do is know the secrets on how to get some for yourself.
  • Checklist For Everything You Need To Do Before Your Trip  By : Terence Young
    There are a lot of considerations which need to be taken care of prior to going away on a trip. If it is a short trip you obviously need to worry less about your day to day affairs but for longer extended trips there is more that needs to be taken care off lest you return home to an eviction notice and unpaid bill reminders.
  • 25 Ways to Save Money When you Book a Cruise  By : Smith Chen
    They will never charge a fee for getting a quote for you or booking your cruise and they may know of a special offering that you would not otherwise know about. But remember, the most important thing of all is to not book a cruise just because of its price, but to find a cruise that best fits your needs and desires.
  • Learn Travel Tips That Will Keep You Safe  By : kingmoore
    Valuable Travel Safety practices are a necessity. If you do not take Travel Safety precautions you will not be prepared in the face of adversity.
  • City Breaks in Germany: Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt  By : Alistair White
    Germany has a lot to offer the visitor from fashionable cities to quaint villages and castles. There are concerts, opera and ballets and a broad array of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and swimming, along with skiing in the winter. And for those long evenings, a host of beer gardens and cafes await.
  • Planning Your Trip: Why You Need Travel Articles  By : Darren Callea
    Pretty much everyone dreams of taking a few months out of their lives to go on an adventure somewhere. For most of these people, the proverbial trip of a lifetime remains just that, proverbial. As with most big things, a vacation requires planning, and if you don't take the time to prepare you'll never make it. When planning your trip, one of the most useful tools available are travel articles. As a matter of fact, there are a some specific types of article that will be especially useful to you.
  • Travel Tips for World Travelers  By : Sammy Maseko
    Discount Travel has revalorized the way in which we Travel now. With the tremendous nursing shortage in the United States there would seem to be a lot of money to be made in travel nurse staffing. Discount Travel is the word of the Travel Industry and it has made many Persons who cannot travel otherwise also to travel to distant places. The introduction of discount Travel has made travel easy for many travelers.
  • Travel South America: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires  By : Alistair White
    South America is a vast continent of jungles, rain forests and some of the world's most exciting cities. Miles and miles of fabulous beaches, soaring mountains and a passionate culture that thrives on music and dance make the region a must for a holiday.
  • Buy a Green Card: EB-5 Investor Visa  By :
    Congress created the fifth employment-based preference (EB-5) immigrant visa category in 1990 for immigrants seeking to enter to engage in a commercial enterprise that will benefit the U.S. economy and create at least 10 full-time jobs. The basic amount required to invest is $1 million, although that amount may be $500,000 if the investment is made in a ‘targeted employment area.’
  • Avoid confusion at US Port of Entry  By :
    Approximately 28 million non immigrants enter or leave the U.S. annually to conduct business, study, visit family, or tour the country. Legitimate visitors are always welcome and the U.S. government is committed to facilitating their travel.
  • 'Visa' and 'Status': What is the Difference?  By :
    It has become vitally important for all foreign nationals coming to the U.S. to maintain their status at all times. In order to maintain legal status while in the U.S., you must understand the difference between the two legal terms — ‘Visa’ and ‘Status’.
  • The Luxurious Side of Miami: Must Dos  By : David T.
    If you are truly interested in having a great time in the luxurious regions of the city of Miami, then here are some things that you absolutely must do.
  • Your Guidelines to Vacation and Travel Issues  By : Sammy Maseko
    Once you have made the decision to take a cruise ship vacation, you may be excited to book your reservations. One of the best ways for cruise ship lines to market is to co-sponsor and co-pay with their certified travel agents using direct mail marketing in the direct mail marketing coupon packages. However, cruise lines know that if they get a couple on a cruise and they enjoy themselves then they are more apt to sign up for a bigger cruise in the future.
  • Let's Get More Reviews on World Travel  By : Sammy Maseko
    When you purchase your travel health insurance, you're likely to have several options regarding the amount of coverage, what specific health benefits, and a form of trip insurance (in the event your trip is cancelled or your luggage is lost, you're covered).
  • Let's Get Accurate World Vacation Tips and Reviews  By : Sammy Maseko
    Whether your dream vacation consists of an exhilarating nature hike through the trails of the Ouachita National Forest, tours of the historic Fordyce Bathhouse and Visitor's Center, or the most relaxing bath massage and spa you've ever experienced, Hot Springs, Arkansas is your dream vacation spot come true.
  • Your Free Traveling Travel Reviews  By : Sammy Maseko
    Trip Delay: This type of insurance is also very helpful incase of any break in your travel plan, for example, say you have to take a connecting flight only to find that it has been cancelled or delayed for a few hours, what do you do? If you do have to be returned home, your health insurance plan may pay for a family member or other person of your choice to travel from home to travel back home with you.
  • Accurate Review for Travelers  By : Sammy Maseko
    Whether you are searching for a tour operator, travel agency or outfitter, the following tips will help you weed through the plethora of travel specialists hawking their wears online. Of all the travel tips I have heard and read, not one focused on the traveler's subconscious mind.
  • Some Few Touch Ups on Worldwide Travel and Vacations  By : Sammy Maseko
    If you're looking to cut the learning curve, there are a couple of shore fishing guides that can take you out for a day and provide you with a sufficient background in that time to enable you to go it on your own the rest of your vacation while feeling quite confident about what you're doing.
  • Bangalore Weekend Getaways  By : WilliamNickel
    Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, has much more to offer than being the IT hub of the country. A glorious past and scenic beauty make Bangalore one of the much sought after holiday destinations too.
  • Fantastic Freebies in Las Vegas  By : James Murray
    In Las Vegas there are some great free things to do, and some amazing treats for you and the whole family.

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