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    Baby shower games.
    Photo matching enticing baby shower game all the guests should bring the baby picture of them selves. Arrange all pictures on a board. Give each picture a number. Each guest has to match the adult guest name with the corresponding baby picture. The guest with the most correct matches wins.
  • Watch Sports TV Online With Digital Quality  By : P.Rodgers
    It is now possible to access the free network channels on your computer at home or work. Watching the CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX and BBC news and movie network channels on your computer is an unbeatable advantage. In addition you can also access other world TV channels from over 70 countries and languages.
  • The Art of Living Enters Strategic Partnership with OneMedPlace  By : Jack Schwartz
    About The Art of Living with Marilu Henner
    The Art of Living with Marilu Henner is a preeminent lifestyle show, covering health, travel, dining, fashion, interior design and family life, among other topics. The show is dedicated to keeping all members of the family well-informed, and airs on a variety of national and regional networks. For more information, please visit
  • 52 Inch Samsung LCD TV Review  By : Emilee Farber
    This article is a review of the popular Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV
  • Inside Business Report Enters Strategic Partnership with The Food Institute  By : Jack Schwartz
    About Inside Business Report with Fred Thompson
    Inside Business with Fred Thompson covers relevant issues that fuel our society. The show takes viewers on a journey to discover today what the community will be talking about tomorrow. Inside Business airs during the day on a variety of well-known news networks. For more information, please visit
  • Are Cheap TVs Worth the Money? Yes at, check it out  By : DanPartridge
    Cheap TVs of unknown brands are always a much bigger risk for the savings of a few hundred pounds.
  • The History of TV Listings-00-3184  By : 4Ps_Marketing
    When it comes to chilling out in front of the television after a hard day at work, it has fast become a normal part of life to be able to pick up a TV guide and check out the listings. Whatever did we do before the days of the TV guide? TV listings is one of those ingenious inventions that we take for granted as many of us won’t remember a time without a booklet that tells us exactly what time which programmes are on and a brief synopsis of the programme.
  • The History of Soap Operas-00-3144  By : 4Ps_Marketing
    In the 1930s the birth of the soap world occurred in the US on radio and by the 1950s the popular dramas had made a successful transition to the television. The UK welcomed the TV addition and the name ‘soap opera’ was derived from the fact that the first series were all sponsored by soap powders, hence the word soap, and opera came about as the serials are about dilemmas and gripping situations. As well as the US and the UK, soap operas spread like wild fire around the world and soon became an everyday part of life. Coronation Street holds the proud title for the longest ever running TV soap in the world and BBC Radio 4 is host to the longest running radio soap (also pre-dating Coronation Street) with The Archers.
  • Select Cheap TVs from Reputed Brands for Long Life.  By : DanPartridge
    Consider your budget and your actual needs before deciding to buy a CRT, LCD or plasma TV.
  • Thinking of buying a plasma TV, get a plasma TV ratings guide!  By : Robert Thomson
    If you are to buy your own TV, you would definitely like to get a plasma TV ratings guide that would help you determine what's the best product that could meet your needs, right? Of course you don't just spend your money without knowing which would be beneficial for your own good. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to research on the advantages first.
  • Ways to get cheap plasma TV models...  By : Robert Thomson
    Are you looking for those plasma TV cheap models for a more affordable price? This may be quite challenging on your part. Many would say that it is definitely risky for you to purchase cheap models of plasma TV's. To make sure, you have to find out yourself.
  • Plasma television - is it worth?  By : Robert Thomson
    You may be wondering how long will it take for you to enjoy the life span of your very own plasma television. Since that TV may have cost thousands of dollars, which when you compare with other television sets are way a little more expensive than what you may have expected, the question about how long will you make use of it makes it quite that much interesting.
  • Uncovering the Document Restoration Mystery on TV  By : Flora Richards-Gustafson
    Do you believe everything you see on your favorite cop show? How much of the forensic processing done on CSI do you think is real? This article discusses some places where shows like CSI get document restoration and disaster recovery processes right, and where they are wrong.
  • Jobs & media Industry : Highly paying and attractive Jobs available in the media industry  By : Anisha cole
    Media sector is gaining more and more popularity these days. There are exclusive reasons for this. One of it is that it can add flavor to life of any person. Living life with excitement and fun is a desire for all. In such kind of situation students are getting directed to the media industry for career. While they prepare themselves for professionalism this is the very first sector to strike on their mind.
  • Watch, Work and have fun with Television Jobs and Internet  By : Anisha cole
    Media had made everything possible because of its ability to reach people at highest speed. Entertainment is something, which is the need of our society today. Without entertainment industry nothing can survive and entertainment reaches us through different sources of media.
  • What You Should Know About Cheap LCD Televisions  By : Alex Bradbury
    should you go ahead and buy yourself an LCD television on the cheap or should you think twice? A new purchase unwrapped in your living room sounds great but are they worth the money and the trouble.
  • Sharp LCD TV LC-37G4U Review  By : Alex Bradbury
    The Sharp LC-37G4U LCD TV is a 37-inch, 1366 by 768 WXGA flat panel display that features Sharps new Quick Shoot video circuit. Latest Review from Electrical Deals.
  • Television or Media Industry is attracting people to enjoy and work  By : Anisha cole
    Entertainment industry is getting more and more highlighted these days. Or to be more correct it’s a kind of necessity without which we cannot survive. This is simply because of the stressful environment surrounding us. We exhaust ourselves in loads of work for the entire day and our system is such that we would never like to divert our minds if there is nothing better.
  • Philips LCD TV: New Models Help Philips Stay On Top  By : Alex Bradbury
    Some of the newer Philips LCD Television models now also feature Pixel Plus II image processing technology. Used exclusively by Philips, this technology allows images on display to be optimized for high definition frames.
  • Common Technologies for Home Cinema  By : DanPartridge
    There are a number of equipment that make up a home cinema. Get ideas here.
  • Categories and Types of Projectors  By : Robert Thomson
    CRT is the primary category of projectors that offers the finest quality of pictures up to present. This projector technology does not have definite pixel counts, which makes them very flexible and popular projector device for cinemas, big screen displays or even low-resolution images. It has three singular lenses that are situated on separate axis, which segregates the colors green, blue and red to create images on the screen.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)  By : Robert Thomson
    LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a technology that employs rod like molecules/liquid crystals that can curve light. Without energizing crystals, it can lead light through polarization that causes its instinctive color to show in the background. Once energized, crystals can manipulate light towards a polarizer, which shows the dark actualization of the transverse polarizer.
  • Dvd Players  By : Robert Thomson
    DVD Player
    A DVD player is an electronic device that plays discs according to the technical standards, incompatible standards, and 2 distinct standards of both the DVD Audio and DVD Video.
  • Flat screen technology: background and emerging technologies-00-1099  By : 4Ps_Marketing
    How the emergencence of new technologies has transformed the television industry.
  • Samsung LCD TV: Making The Right Choice  By : Alex Bradbury
    In this Samsung LCD TV, the picture quality it offers may be comparable to most of the other current LCD TV's out there. But in the case of the Samsung LE22S86 LCD TV, the settings were geared towards picture quality worthy of DVD, cable and satellite TV viewing.
  • Enjoy Digital TV at Cheapest Price  By : Robert Thomson
    Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is a combination of internationally accepted open standards for digital television.
  • Where are the best HDTV deals?-00-1049  By : 4Ps_Marketing
    High definition TV (HDTV) is big news in the digital TV world. Sky recently announced that they have more than doubled the number of homes receiving its high definition TV (HDTV) service in the last year. There are now over 1 million Sky+HD homes, after record sales of over 240,000 HDTV subscribers in the last three months alone.
  • How to Buy Cheap TVs without Any Risk?  By : DanPartridge
    Buying cheap TVs is quite easy when you understand the real difference in the models and the features offered by various manufacturers.
  • Are Cheap TVs Worth the Money?  By : DanPartridge
    Cheap TVs of unknown brands are always a much bigger risk for the savings of a few hundred pounds.
  • Go digital and save money!-00-775  By : 4Ps_Marketing
    Considering your digital TV, broadband and home phone together when you switchover, could save you big money

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